Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Lake With Friends

We headed up to the lake for a day with friends. I'd been wanting to get back up here since we'd checked it out last year with my Mom and we were finally doing it. We left early that morning figuring that since the beach we were heading to was over an hour away we had to make it worth it by staying all day.

It was a fantastic day to go to the lake too. Sunny and hot!

We brought lunch with us so we could just hang out and enjoy the day.

The beach was gorgeous. Perfect for digging. And playing. And racing around.

Not that we only spent time on the beach. We got in the water too. Preston enjoyed it more than me. I'm seriously just not feeling lakes lately. And this one was bad. There were things floating all over the place and it was gross. Oh to be little again and not even notice. Preston loved the lake. I loved that I brought things to float on so I could enjoy it with him!

There was even a floating dock. Preston thought this was awesome. Although he refused to actually jump off of it into the water. But he did make friends on it. There were two other kids playing at the lake and Preston and Zeke took turns pushing them into the water. All four of them thoroughly enjoying the game.

Their new friends even had some tadpoles that they had collected earlier and brought them over so the boys could check them out. Preston LOVED this!

Of course the tadpoles were only entertaining for so long and then our boys were off to play with their new friends. Preston and his new friend, Kylie, even held hands at one point. He thought she was just the coolest person ever. He talked about her even after we left the lake and kept asking me to remind him what her name was. Made me a little bit sad that she was just his beach friend that he'd probably not get to play with ever again.

The beach wore all of the kids out and Preston did something he never does, he took a nap on the way home!

Oh how I'm going to miss summer.

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