Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm Home Again

We made it home. And survived three and a half weeks of vacation and many many many hours in the car! Hurray!

I have lots to catch up on from our trip and honestly from before our trip. Gasp, I am not on top of the blog. I know I know it's shocking. I am always on top of the blog. Ha!

To celebrate being back I have decided to give a list of things that I missed while I was away. And to double your pleasure double your fun I've decided to make it part of Project Finding Joy!

81. My toothbrush. It has a timer on it. And tells me with a smiley face when I've been brushing my teeth long enough. After using that for the last five plus years (don't worry I've switched the heads, that would have been gross!) I didn't realize that I had no idea how long I was supposed to brush my teeth without it. But Brad said it wasn't fair that I always take it with me and make him use a crappier toothbrush and he put his foot down about me taking it this time. He said he was going to take it to work with him if I didn't promise not to take it. Yes, we love our toothbrush that much.

82. My BED! And the blankets and the covers and the pillows and the pillowtop-ness of it.

83. Being able to pull clothes out of a closet and dresser instead of a suitcase. Not that I've done a whole lot to make that happen since we've been home. Everything is still in suitcases. Or more accurately on the floor next to the suitcase. That's progress right?

84. The back-up camera in my car. I forgot how much you CAN'T see behind your car without one!

85. My car in general. My Mom has a mini-van and it just doesn't have the same ability to go as my car. Plus my Mom has had five kids and all of their friends in that car, where I've only had Preston in mine so it's a lot ummmm less trashed. Ha!

86. My DVR. Which I'm going to keep on missing because we cancelled it. That crying you'll hear when all the shows start back up in September will be me. We're trying to watch less TV around here and it already pains me!

87. Couponing. I was still reading all of the blogs while I was gone and hated missing all of the really good deals.

88. My friends! Hello friends I missed you!!

89. Consistent internet.

90. And of course my husband!

I'm also feeling pretty grateful that my laptop decided not to die until we got home. That would have been absolutely horrible while I was gone. It's pretty horrible now that I'm home but at least at home we have back up computers and Brad is here to pull all of my stuff off of it before I take it down to Best Buy to take advantage of that warranty we bought. Although it would be nice if the dang thing would start charging again.

Now I just have to wait for our new and faster internet to finish being hooked up tomorrow and then I can get started on catching the blog up on our trip and everything else!

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