Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coos County Fair

Our trip to the ocean happened to match up date wise with the Coos County Fair so we had to check it out!

We weren't sure what to expect from their fair. We are from a much bigger town and we'd just been to the California State Fair, so I was curious to see what the Coos County Fair would look like.

It had rides so Preston decided it would do and we quickly bought him a wristband so that he could ride all of the rides he could handle. And then worked on convincing Marrissa, Matt, and Travis (who also bought wristbands) that they should go on some of the rides with him. Poor Mason wasn't tall enough to go on any of the rides except the carousel, so he didn't get a wristband.

Preston started with the swings. He wasn't tall enough to ride these at the California fair, so I double checked that he was tall enough to ride here. Somehow he was? Weird since we went to the two fairs within like a week of each other. I'm guessing that he was the same height and the stand at the fair in California for the swings was a little off. Marrissa, Matt, and Travis all decided to ride with him. I wasn't nervous at all until he climbed on. Holy crap, they don't do a whole lot to secure them into those things! Then you add in that the boys thought that it was funny to grab on to each others swings and swing in a little train. Or try to rock back and forth. It was making me a nervous wreck watching them.

We moved on to the scrabbler, the airplanes, and the roller coaster. Even Mason got to ride the airplanes, while I was loading Preston into his when the ride controller told me that I could take Mason on if I wanted too. So not only did Mason get to go on a ride that he was technically not tall enough for but they also didn't charge us! Score! Preston loved the rides too. He pretty much just loves the fair.

Even me and Jessie got to go on a ride. My parents offered to take the boys on the carousel and my Mom gave me and my sister some tickets and we were off to pick one. We chose this one that was a rocking cart that went up down and rocked back and forth. We thought it looked fun and figured it wasn't too scary! But Jessie almost died when we were climbing in! Seriously, the cars rocked and we didn't know it and so when Jessie went to climb in the whole thing rocked and she almost fell to her death or you know just into the bottom of the car. Then they went really fast and just kept rocking and we both screamed and might have wished it would all end. Ha! But we survived as proven by the photo we took when we got off.

But the fair wasn't over. There were still more rides to be had. Like the tilt-a-whirl and the obstacle course and the carousel. Plus my Dad and Marrissa rode the zipper.

Somehow we convinced Preston to get his face painted. I was shocked that he agreed. I think the only reason he agreed is because the photos looked so awesome! He chose the Spider-Man one. And sat so still while the guy painted his face.

It looked so awesome when they were done!

But face paint wasn't all that Preston left the fair with. Him and Mason both got little toy guns. They thought they were the coolest thing ever. Both boys were completely enthralled with their new toys!

My Dad insisted that we couldn't leave the fair without looking at the animals so we headed that way. Along the way we stopped for smoothies and drinks and a mini photo shoot.

Preston cooperated and posed very nicely with his new gun.

Marrissa cooperated and posed with me.

I asked my brother to take a picture with me and somehow ended up with this.

And then this.

Awesome. I was almost smashed to death between those two. Seriously, is it that hard to get them to smile for a real photo?

I wish I could say we enjoyed the farm animals. But I'd be lying. Preston insisted that they stunk (they did!) and once you've seen one horse I feel like you've seen them all. What? I didn't grow up on a farm. We did however spend some time with the kittens! Kittens catch both mine and Preston's attention. I wish I could say we brought one home, but we didn't.

After the fair me and Jessie took the boys into Coos Bay because we were dying to make sure that there were still bigger towns out there. What can I say, small towns are sooooo not my thing. We found a Walmart and a Wendys and an Arbys and a Fred Meyer! Score! It was pathetic how excited we were about this. We seriously spent like an hour in Fred Meyer, partly because they had their toy clearance going on and we HAD to go through all of it!

Preston had a great time in Fred Meyer racing around yelling out, "Spider-Man is on the job!" He was making the most out of his face paint that's for sure.

It was a fabulous day! That unfortunately for Spider-Man ended with me cleaning the paint off of Preston's face before bedtime.

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