Tuesday, July 12, 2011

California Trip - Visiting Our First Home

While we were in California we drove by our first house. My parents bought it not long after they were married. They even bought it brand new. We lived there until just after I turned six. Which is when my Grandpa offered my Dad a job all the way up here in the Pacific Northwest and our whole family moved away from the sunshine and up to the snow.

It's been a long time since we stopped by to look at the old house and the old neighborhood. Years upon years. Everything looked so different. I didn't even recognize the house and we had to use Google Maps on my phone to even find our way and then we had to read the addresses to find the right one.

The house looks good. But really just so different. Someone in the last few years converted the garage into a room. And someone has really made the front yard look nice. They obviously have a green thumb.

AND somebody ripped out my tree. That's right MY tree. Apparently my parents planted a tree in the front yard on my first birthday. But this tree wasn't just mine because it was planted on my birthday. Oh no, it was mine because my parents planted this tree on my birthday with my placenta. That's right my placenta. And then somebody went and ripped my tree up!

When my Dad told me that after I sent him a picture of the house I didn't even know what to say. I was shocked. Shocked because if you know my parents they are sooooo not the type of people who do anything with the placenta. Except maybe tell the hospital to throw it out! But they planted mine with a tree! And then I was grossed out. I mean they requested my placenta and then held onto it for a year and planted it with a tree in our front yard. And then I was furious. Who ripped my tree out! Those jerks, that was my tree! Ha!

It was nice to see the old house. And drive through the neighborhood and by the park and remember what it was like when I was little and we lived there!

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Anonymous said...

Aw thats so sweet! Your a sweet young lady and blessed to have great parents and a great husband and a handsome little boy!!! :) Love Lily