Tuesday, July 12, 2011

California Trip - Preston's First Pedicure

We went in for pedicures while we were on vacation and Preston tagged along. I was crossing my fingers and praying that he would sit nicely long enough for me to get my toesies painted. When he saw the tub and that you got to soak your feet in it, he was all over this whole pedicure thing. So I figured what the hell, we're on vacation and if he wants a pedicure a pedicure he'll get!

Mostly I think he just wanted to sit in the big chair with him feet in the tub and get to do what me and my Mom were doing. He was so freaking adorable, he was just so excited about it.

The lady who did our toes was so awesome too! She totally let him soak his little feetsies and was even going to let him pick a color. I put an end to that though, it's one thing to get a pedicure and a whole 'nother thing to get your toes painted. He wanted bright green, just in case you were wondering! Plus she didn't even charge me! I left her a very generous tip for being so awesome!

Notice that Preston insisted on drying his toes too. He even kicked me out of the seat so that he could have a turn!

Poor Preston, I'm sure he won't think these pictures are so cute when he gets older! Blackmail perhaps? Ha!

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