Saturday, July 9, 2011

California Trip - Night Swimming

Our first night in California the older kids decided to go swimming. Of course Preston decided he needed to go swimming with them too. He was so excited to get to go swimming not only in the dark but with the bigger kids.

Preston even got a little brave and was going to go down the slide into the pool. Was being the key word. He got up there and basically slid down the slide with a death grip on the sides and then hopped off at the bottom back onto the concrete. So brave! Honestly I was shocked he was even willing to try.

While the big kids and Preston were outside swimming, I was inside hanging out with this little lady. My little cousin Renee! She was just the cutest little thing, she's just so dainty and lady like! And her hair, oh her hair. You better believe I put in up in a big ponytail on top of her head like Bam Bam!

You'd think Preston would have been worn out from a busy day driving and playing with cousins he hadn't seen in a year and then swimming but nope, he was still racing around when he came inside! I had to force him into bed!

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