Friday, July 15, 2011

California Trip - Chuck E Cheese On Steroids

We were so excited to check out John's Incredible Pizza on our trip this year. We talked about it last year but the timing didn't work out. We'd heard how amazing it was from our family, so we were determined to make it happen this year. And make it happen we did.

The only way I can really think of to explain this place is that it was like Chuck E Cheese on Steroids! No joke! It was awesome. And as a lover of Chuck E Cheese I Preston was in heaven. They not only had games here but they had RIDES! Like actual rides inside the building!

Preston rode the frog hopper first. I couldn't tell whether he loved it, hated it, or just plain thought it was boring. I'm leaning towards boring because he only rode it the once and didn't ask to go on it again.

We played some games and checked some of the place out. Instead of giving you tokens for the games and rides they give you like a debit card that is loaded with all of your tokens and you just swipe it whenever you want to play or ride something and it automatically deducts your credits and shows you how many you have left. It was kind of awesome. And sooooo much easier than filling your pockets full of tokens.

Before long Preston decided it was time to check out the main attraction. Well at least the main attraction to him.

What was it? Let me show you...the Twister.

I wasn't sure how much he was going to like this one. Honestly I thought he was going to be terrified. I thought wrong. He LOVED it! Like love loved it. We rode it a bazillion more times. Which should have used up all of our credits but if you are riding with a child who requires an adult rider because of their height, they only charge you for one rider instead of two. So we got to ride twice as much, much to Preston's delight!

Of course we had to check the roller coaster out too. We rode it a couple of times, but as much as he usually loves the roller coaster he just loved the Twister more. Still we had fun. And Preston even got brave enough to throw his hands in the care and wave 'em like he just didn't care! Ha!

Obviously there was much more to do than just ride the rides. We played a ton of games. And had lunch. And snacks. And ice cream. And raced around. We took pictures in one of their machines.

We just all around had a great time. And went back to my Grandma's exhausted.

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