Wednesday, July 20, 2011

California Trip - California State Fair

California State Fair anyone?

It was HOT! It was fun! And we went on Dollar ride day so it was cheap not as expensive as it could have been.

We started in the animals. And didn't last very long in there. Preston said it smelled. Plus since it was so hot the smell was even worse than normal. But we did see some very cute little goats.

So instead we went to play in the corn pit. Preston loved the corn pit. I had to drag him out of it so that we could go see more of the fair.

After forcing Preston out of the corn, I forced him into the petting zoo. Yes, you read that right forced him in. There were deer in there. DEER! I am so fascinated by deer so when I saw that they were inside the petting zoo, I knew he just had to go in. Preston is not a big fan of petting zoos so it took a little convincing on my end to get him in there. I didn't want to go in by myself and look like a weirdo so I had to bring Preston with me. And we got to feed AND pet a deer! How awesome is that?!

I decided to reward Preston for going into the petting zoo with me and dealing with the crazy goats that practically attack you to get your ice cream cone of food by letting him do some jumping. He's done these jumping things in the past at our fair and always loves them. I do have to say that the ones at our fair are way cooler. They are cheaper and the trampolines have more spring to them so you can actually bounce on them instead of just bouncing off of them. Plus the people are a lot friendlier, although I guess if I had to stand outside for hours on end in ninety degree weather I might be a little cranky too. Still Preston had fun jumping! And me and my Mom had fun watching.

We explored some of the exhibits, Preston rode a bear, and we had some lunch. All before we got to the good stuff, the stuff that Preston was waiting for.


Preston was so excited about the rides. He couldn't wait to get started.

For some reason, Preston decided that the first ride he wanted to go on was the giant slide. Out of everything that was the one he chose to start with. He was so excited and he looked like such a big boy walking up there with his burlap sack to slide down on. And then he got to the top and was trying to figure out how to set the sack down and climb down and get started and all of a sudden he was flying down the slide totally unprepared. And freaking his Mommy the heck out. I think he even freaked himself the heck out a little. But about half way down it was obvious that he was going to survive and he switched from freaking out to having a blast!

Since that first ride was so fun we obviously had to do even more.

Preston even rode a roller coaster all by himself! There was a height limit and I was just too tall to ride with him. But he wanted to ride so bad he just didn't care. And he wasn't even the slightest bit afraid! In fact he LOVED it!

Then we had the total excitement, and a little bit of creepiness, riding one of the actual Michael Jackson's rides from the Neverland Ranch.

We got sucked into these pirate boats that shot water. It was hot and Preston loves the water so it really that wasn't all that shocking. What was shocking was that they didn't just get you a little bit wet, you got off soaked. Like just hopped out of the shower soaked. It was a lot of fun! And definitely helped cool us down.

In an effort to not walk around completely soaked we climbed into a photo booth to take some pictures!

Then we finished heading over to the adult ride section. We were meeting up with my little sister and two of my cousins who had ditched me, Preston and my Mom when we go there to take off on their own and ride the rides, apparently they didn't want to hang out in the little kid section? What the heck?

The adult side had an adult sized slide. An adult sized slide that Preston was just tall enough to go on. This time he knew what he was doing. He was completely comfortable and slid down that slide like he was a professional. And the slide really was huge.

From the slide we headed over to the caterpillar roller coaster. And Julia decided to come along with us. So on we climbed for the thrill of a lifetime. Or at least the trill of the next few minutes for Preston. I am sooooo glad that he is a roller coaster lover because I love roller coasters! My little thrill seeker! And Preston even got crazy enough to throw his hands in the air.

Somehow Preston convinced Julia that it was a great idea for her to come on some of the rides with him. We were all out of tickets short of the two we had left for Preston so Julia took one for the team since she had a ride bracelet. First they rode the helicopters. Where they were flying high. Ha! And then they climbed onto the obstacle course and slid right into a shark's mouth on the way down. Preston loves these little courses, so we was excited to finish the day at the fair off on one of them!

I guess we actually finished the day off with an icee on the way out. It was HOT! And the icee was cold!

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