Sunday, July 24, 2011

California To Oregon

We left my Grandma's house bright and early Saturday morning to head to the coast. No seriously we left at four in the morning. It wasn't even bright out yet. My Mom wanted to get going early because my Dad, Jessie, Mason, and my brother's friend had left at midnight in hopes of making most of the drive while Mason slept.

I am NOT a sleep in the car kind of person. Plus I was nervous about my Mom driving so early by herself while the rest of us slept so I stayed up.

Everyone else slept though. Preston only woke up long enough to tell me he wanted to go back to sleep when I moved him from the bed in the house to his car seat. And Matt and Marrissa were back to sleep within minutes.

It was kind of nice leaving so early though. The car was so quiet at least until Preston woke up! And everyone slept for most of the drive. Preston was only up for about two hours of the drive. And I ended up getting an hour of sleep which was better than no sleep.

When we finally got to Bandon, the town we were staying in, everyone was ready to get out and stretch. We also realized that dressing in California, even at four in the morning, and then spending the day in Oregon meant we were going to be cold! We all showed up in shorts and tank tops and the wind was blowing and the weather was sitting in the sixties! Brrrr!

The house we were staying at wasn't available for a couple of hours so we met my Dad and company, who had gotten there about an hour before us, for a late lunch. The place we ate at had a perfect little nook right next to our table where Preston and Mason could play and stretch their legs after being in the car for so long.

Lunch was a perfect idea because by the time we finished the house was also finished and we were told we could check in early. The house was gorgeous! It was open and big enough for all of us and we were right across the street from the beach!

Even better was that me and Preston got the room with the best view! Score!

While we unloaded and unpacked the little boys did some wrestling and sword fighting with Uncle Matt and "Uncle" Travis, the friend my brother had brought.

When the cars were finally unloaded, side note do you have any idea how much stuff ten people bring on a week long vacation? Especially when two of those people are under five. And five of those people had to pack for two weeks of hot weather and a week of cooler weather. It was insane! But when it was all finally done Preston headed down to the beach with Marrissa and my Dad and my Mom, me, Jessie, and Mason headed to the grocery store to grab some food for the week and almost have a heart attack at just how expensive the grocery store in a small town is! Seriously my couponing deal seeking head almost exploded at how much I was spending!

Me and my Mom attempted to take a walk that night but the wind made it just too cold, especially after we'd spent the last two plus weeks in California with the sun and the heat! Even the wine I drank before we left couldn't keep me warm! Ha! So we didn't last very long before we headed back to the heat of the house!

We all spent the rest of the night just hanging out in the house relaxing and enjoying that we had the whole week to enjoy the coast!

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Yankee Girl said...

That last picture is beautiful!

I would not have been able to get up that early and stay awake for the drive. I have no idea how you did it!