Friday, August 26, 2011

Backyards And Cousins

What good is having a backyard if you can't enjoy it with your cousin in the summer? So that's exactly what we did, headed outside right after both Preston and Mason woke up to enjoy the backyard, the sunshine, and just hanging out with each other!

The boys got started with our little splash pad. I'm seriously shocked at what a hit this thing has been this summer. Both boys totally loved playing with it.

Of course we didn't stop there. Next the boys decided they wanted to play with the rocket ship. This one has been a hit for us since Preston got it for his birthday last year. And this year Mason loved it too. Once we got through all of the fighting and figured out that we were going to have to take turns. Then we were good to go.

But the fun didn't stop there. Preston insisted that we pull out the slip n slide. Not to slip or slide on. Preston likes to fill it up with water and then use it as a little river with all of his outside boats. Mason was on board with this idea. Get it? On board. Ha, I'm hilarious!

Somehow the boys moved on from the slip n slide to the water table. Which meant figuring out how to settle both boys in nicely where they each had enough space to play without getting on each others nerves for being in each others space. But we worked it out so that they were both having a good time.

When the water table got boring, Preston decided that it was a good idea to play in the mud. Well to create the mud. He is loving the dirt that we have at the bottom of our deck stairs and loving it so much that we're probably going to leave an area of dirt for him to keep making mud in.

And then it was hours later and time to go inside for lunch and Mason's nap. But me and Preston headed right back out with a baby monitor after Mason fell asleep. Then we all headed back out to play when Mason woke up.

It was a fabulous day in the backyard with the sun and my two favorite boys having fun. Because that it what having a backyard and a cousin to play in it with is all about.

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