Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Backyard Swimming

We had a backyard pool party while Jen and Madison were in town visiting.

We finally got around to the pool part of it while Madison was sleeping, so we brought the baby monitor out and climbed into the pool to enjoy the sunshine.

Preston did some jumping.

And some swimming.

And him and Aunt Jen played some squirt gun games.

All before Madison woke up.

Once she woke up she came outside to have some fun in the pool!

Look how cute she looked in Preston's old life jacket.

She did NOT love the life jacket. Not one bit. It was a little bit chilly outside for her and the water was not warm enough. So after a few minutes Madison was over the whole idea of swimming. It was much warmer just to play in the sunshine.

Especially when Brad decided it was a good time to add water to the pool! Brrrr!

So we turned our pool party into a BBQ!

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