Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunny Weekend!

By some magical and mysterious work of fate, we had a sunny weekend! And not just a sunny weekend but one that was in the 80s! It was amazing!

Preston started the weekend off on a relaxing note by hot tubbing with Auntie Rissa.

And giving me this look when he told me to stop taking his picture so he could enjoy the hot tub and I didn't listen. Such a sweet boy.

That is after he stole the spotlight away from Uncle Matt and his friends with the girls they had invited over. At dinner time at my parent's house Preston insisted that he had to sit next to both girls and then ended up on one of their laps where he had her feed him his dinner. It was hilarious! He's quite the ladies man!

Saturday was absolutely beautiful out! And of course I spent most of it inside. I met up with my Mom and sisters and we grabbed lunch and started the search for Shannon's graduation dress! Her and Matt are graduating high school in less than a week! How that is even possible I have no idea, I swear that not only are they not old enough but neither am I!

We found Shannon the perfect dress and then I headed home to relax with Brad and Preston, who had spent the entire time I was gone playing outside. Playing outside covered in sunscreen I should add. My wonderful husband not only thought to put sunscreen on Preston without being told or reminded, but also went searching to find where I keep it. I was so proud of him!

Sunday was nice out, but not nearly as nice as Saturday. But we lived it up outside anyways. We finished cleaning up the play area and cleaning the outside toys and organizing them! I love when the backyard starts looking Summer ready. And now it does, so Summer can feel free to stick around for a long while.

And Preston enjoyed the fact that it was warm enough to play in the water. For a while he ran around the yard and Brad used the remote to turn on the sprinklers and soak him as he moved from spot to spot. It was so funny to watch! And Preston loved it!

Then my parent's and siblings came over to BBQ! Summer weather calls for BBQing! It's just an unspoken rule. And because Preston has been very into baseball lately we decided to split into teams and play. Preston was so excited. Although he did have a hard time with the fact that when you play baseball in teams everyone gets a turn at bat! Ha!

For the record my team won. I just felt the need to point that out. Although we did have to switch the teams up after a couple of rounds as it just wasn't fair to put my Dad and Brad on the same team!

With that our weekend ended. And so did the fabulous weather. Which isn't so bad I guess because our house was HOT and I am so far refusing to turn the AC on, so a little cooling down was nice!

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