Sunday, June 5, 2011

Project Finding Joy: The Laid off Edition

To find out what this is all about go here.

In an effort to put a positive spin on this whole lay off thing I'm attempting to focus on the benefits.

71. The rule in our house for bedtime is that Brad does bedtime if he doesn't work the next morning. So Brad has been doing bedtime every night for the last two weeks! Which has been pretty awesome since this girl had gotten a little burnt out on bedtime.

72. Since Brad hasn't had to get up early for work me and him been staying up late watching a different movie every night after Preston goes to bed.

73. I've had more freedom since Brad is home during the day. If I need to run an errand I can do it without dragging Preston along with me when he doesn't want to come.

74. All the yard work that's been accomplished! Weeds had attempted to overtake our play area, around our pool, and the bark inside our mow line. Not anymore! And the yard looks so much better now that they are gone!

75. Brad and Preston getting to spend a bunch of time together. Especially with the vacations that me and Preston have coming up this summer. I'll explain more on that one later.

76. The garage is all cleaned out and reorganized. Particularly Brad's side. And it looks so much better!

77. Getting to spend more time with my husband, but not so much that we're driving each other insane.

78. That he got laid off when it was warm enough to work on stuff outside. And that it was warm enough that we weren't all stuck in the house together for two straight weeks where cabin fever sets in and nobody enjoys being around anyone else.

79. Somehow even though Brad's been home (he's the messiest one in our house) somehow our house is still clean. That's nothing short of a miracle.

80. Finally...that Brad goes back to work tomorrow! And hopefully it'll stay that way for a long while!

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Unknown said...

That is great that it has been a positive experience this time having Brad home this time. Much more like a vacation I'm sure than a punishment. That's also good that he went back to work today though! Are these little layoffs going to happen a lot? I thought things would pick up for him since it's nice out now. Skip will be off for six weeks when New Baby comes, so we'll see if we get sick of each other! haha