Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Little Artist

Preston asked to play with the finger paints today. I was cleaning the bathroom and figured that would be a great way to get him out of there, so I set him up at the table with the paints and some paper. Then I went back to finish the bathroom. I was completely unconcerned because Preston never really gets that into the finger paints. For some reason he will dig in the dirt and mud until he is covered in it, but he doesn't like that finger paint to actually get on him.

Errr...DIDN'T really like the finger paint to get on him.

I walked back into the kitchen to find this...

Oh yes, it is definitely safe to say that Preston is over his aversion to getting the finger paint on him.

The end product was fantastic. I'm usually not into abstract art but I think I will make a special exception for this one. I'm trying to figure out where to put it up in the house.

Once the globs of paint dry that is.

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