Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Birthday

I recently had a birthday. As on June 21, I am officially a whole year older!

I woke up that morning and was shocked by how many people had taken the time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday. And before I'd even woken up! The entire day continued like that with my phone beeping from emails and Facebook wall posts and text messages. Along with phone calls from my Mom, Dad, Brad, and grandparents mixed in. It is very safe to say that I felt incredibly special and loved all day. A BIG thank you to everyone for making me feel that way!

We started the day off by sleeping in late, which was apparently part of my birthday gift from Preston. And then had a wonderful breakfast of donuts. Of which Preston attempted not to share, even when I reminded him that it was my birthday. I can't really blame him for that since he more than likely gets his unwillingness to share food from me! Ha!

After getting ready for the day we headed out to meet my friend Kelly and her boys for lunch! Kelly had asked me if I wanted to do lunch and even let me pick where! Which meant we ended up having Mexican food. I love Mexican food. While Kelly and I chatted the boys entertained each other. And in Preston's case refused to sit still long enough to eat any of his food.

From lunch we all headed to the park to play. It was nice out and the boys had a lot of energy to burn. Preston tripped and fell while we were there and the first aid kits that I've been stocking up on came in handy. He scraped his shin up pretty bad, but he managed to tough it out. And seemed completely fine a few minutes later when after quenching his thirst he got back up to keep right on playing!

We arrived home just in time for my MIL to stop by with a gift for me. She'd gotten me body lotion, body washes, a candle, and flowers for our yard! I wasn't the only one excited about my gift, Preston was pretty excited about the flowers and insisted that we plant them right that second, so plant them we did!

Brad and Preston then gave me the cards that they had each picked out and signed for me. Well, Brad picked them out but Preston did sign the one that he got me! My big boy! I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I'm a card person, so I was excited that they'd both gotten me cards! And surprised because we had decided not to get each other gifts this year. Especially since I had just gotten my new phone only a couple weeks before my birthday.

Mason's fish had her babies on my birthday so we headed over to my parent's house so that Preston could check them out. And to wait for everyone to get off work for dinner. We were off to Mexican again! What? It was my birthday and I love me some Mexican food!

My parent's took us out to dinner to celebrate and to give me my card and gift! Then Jessie bought me a margarita to celebrate my birthday. And Shannon had bought me an adorable tank top and necklace. While Marrissa made sure she went out of her way to make me feel old. As the oldest in my family I spent the day being told how old I was and none of it really worked until Marrissa pointed out to me that I was now officially twice her age. That one hit home! Until Marrissa's birthday in August I will be twice as old as her! Ouch!

The restaurant that we went to for dinner brings out these fabulous desserts. And when it's your birthday they bring out a sombrero and sing to you while you wear it. They seemed to forget about the hat after they sang so Preston took a turn wearing it too!

We headed back to my parent's house after dinner. It was nice outside and after all that Mexican food I went for a walk with my Mom, Shannon, Preston, and Mason to burn some of it off!

It was dark by the time we got back and it was definitely time to head home and call it a day or at least time to end the night catching up with my SIL after Brad and Preston had gone to bed!

I had a fabulous birthday! And I want to give a BIG thank you to everyone who made it as amazing as it was!!

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