Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Birthday

I recently had a birthday. As on June 21, I am officially a whole year older!

I woke up that morning and was shocked by how many people had taken the time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday. And before I'd even woken up! The entire day continued like that with my phone beeping from emails and Facebook wall posts and text messages. Along with phone calls from my Mom, Dad, Brad, and grandparents mixed in. It is very safe to say that I felt incredibly special and loved all day. A BIG thank you to everyone for making me feel that way!

We started the day off by sleeping in late, which was apparently part of my birthday gift from Preston. And then had a wonderful breakfast of donuts. Of which Preston attempted not to share, even when I reminded him that it was my birthday. I can't really blame him for that since he more than likely gets his unwillingness to share food from me! Ha!

After getting ready for the day we headed out to meet my friend Kelly and her boys for lunch! Kelly had asked me if I wanted to do lunch and even let me pick where! Which meant we ended up having Mexican food. I love Mexican food. While Kelly and I chatted the boys entertained each other. And in Preston's case refused to sit still long enough to eat any of his food.

From lunch we all headed to the park to play. It was nice out and the boys had a lot of energy to burn. Preston tripped and fell while we were there and the first aid kits that I've been stocking up on came in handy. He scraped his shin up pretty bad, but he managed to tough it out. And seemed completely fine a few minutes later when after quenching his thirst he got back up to keep right on playing!

We arrived home just in time for my MIL to stop by with a gift for me. She'd gotten me body lotion, body washes, a candle, and flowers for our yard! I wasn't the only one excited about my gift, Preston was pretty excited about the flowers and insisted that we plant them right that second, so plant them we did!

Brad and Preston then gave me the cards that they had each picked out and signed for me. Well, Brad picked them out but Preston did sign the one that he got me! My big boy! I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I'm a card person, so I was excited that they'd both gotten me cards! And surprised because we had decided not to get each other gifts this year. Especially since I had just gotten my new phone only a couple weeks before my birthday.

Mason's fish had her babies on my birthday so we headed over to my parent's house so that Preston could check them out. And to wait for everyone to get off work for dinner. We were off to Mexican again! What? It was my birthday and I love me some Mexican food!

My parent's took us out to dinner to celebrate and to give me my card and gift! Then Jessie bought me a margarita to celebrate my birthday. And Shannon had bought me an adorable tank top and necklace. While Marrissa made sure she went out of her way to make me feel old. As the oldest in my family I spent the day being told how old I was and none of it really worked until Marrissa pointed out to me that I was now officially twice her age. That one hit home! Until Marrissa's birthday in August I will be twice as old as her! Ouch!

The restaurant that we went to for dinner brings out these fabulous desserts. And when it's your birthday they bring out a sombrero and sing to you while you wear it. They seemed to forget about the hat after they sang so Preston took a turn wearing it too!

We headed back to my parent's house after dinner. It was nice outside and after all that Mexican food I went for a walk with my Mom, Shannon, Preston, and Mason to burn some of it off!

It was dark by the time we got back and it was definitely time to head home and call it a day or at least time to end the night catching up with my SIL after Brad and Preston had gone to bed!

I had a fabulous birthday! And I want to give a BIG thank you to everyone who made it as amazing as it was!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Little Artist

Preston asked to play with the finger paints today. I was cleaning the bathroom and figured that would be a great way to get him out of there, so I set him up at the table with the paints and some paper. Then I went back to finish the bathroom. I was completely unconcerned because Preston never really gets that into the finger paints. For some reason he will dig in the dirt and mud until he is covered in it, but he doesn't like that finger paint to actually get on him.

Errr...DIDN'T really like the finger paint to get on him.

I walked back into the kitchen to find this...

Oh yes, it is definitely safe to say that Preston is over his aversion to getting the finger paint on him.

The end product was fantastic. I'm usually not into abstract art but I think I will make a special exception for this one. I'm trying to figure out where to put it up in the house.

Once the globs of paint dry that is.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Basketball Time

We had a crazy weekend.

It was Hoopfest weekend, our annual three on three basketball tournament. And it’s huge. I’m talking thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people swarming our downtown area. It’s awesome. And insanely crazy.

Preston and I headed down with my sister and nephew Saturday morning to catch some games. My brother, Uncle, and five of my cousins were playing. So we had a lot of games to catch. Especially when you factor in that my brother was playing on two different teams, meaning there were eight teams in my family alone to watch, not adding in friends that I might want to see play too. It was quite the workout getting all over downtown in the crowds and with a stroller! But so worth it. We had so much fun and I love watching everyone play. I’d been back and forth across either end of downtown several times to watch games. And Preston had busied himself with climbing walls like Spider-Man, stealing people's hats and posing with them, and racing around the courts in between games. By the time we got home on Saturday we were both exhausted.

Brad was pretty tired too. He didn’t come downtown with us but instead opted to stay home and work on things around the house. He’d switched out our old front door for our new one, fixed one side of the fence that goes around our backyard, and mowed both the front and back yards. My MIL and her boyfriend had come over to help out as well, so the weeds in the backyard got pulled and I came home to the pleasant surprise of flowers planted in the front!

Sunday, I headed back downtown to catch some more games. Only this time I left Preston at home with Brad. It was a lot of work getting the stroller through all of the crowds and my brother had an early game so Preston wasn’t even up when I left. Instead I rode down with my Mom and sister. We spent pretty much the entire day down there. We got there a little before 9am and didn’t leave until after 4pm that afternoon! It was a long day. And I’m glad that I didn’t drag Preston down there. He had a lot of fun with Brad working on the front door and playing outside in the sun.

My brother’s team ended up in third place and were so much fun to watch! Seriously amazing! There were handstands, back flips, and full on somersaults during their games. Not to mention how well they played. At the end of their last game I had someone walk up to me, who had been passing by and gotten sucked into their game, and ask where they went to school and tell me that they played a great game and were a lot of fun to watch because they were so intense. It was a fabulous ego boost for the boys, not that they needed it!

The weekend ended the same way that we always end Hoopfest weekend, with a BBQ at my Aunt Sheli and Uncle Trav's house to celebrate the weekend and unwind. And unwind we did. Preston raced around with my cousins and Mason. While me and Brad enjoyed getting to relax while Preston was fully entertained and contained. Plus my Aunt had the margaritas flowing in her margarita keg, so I may have had one or two or more.

Preston even got to enjoy their backyard fire pit and roast some marshmallows with Aunt Sheli!

The night ended with all of us crashing as soon as we got home! Exhaustion has sunk in completely.

Another successful Hoopfest weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thoughts On Thursday

I'm behind on blogging again. No shocker there. I've told myself I have until the end of the month to catch up!


What is with little boys and mud? I mean seriously.

Preston and Mason play in it at my parent's house.

And then Preston and Boone play in it here. Or rather, here Preston and Boone made and played in "hot chocolate cake" as they called it.


We went to play at the park yesterday and it was finally hot out. And I mean HOT! Which was great until the park filled with kids. It was pure craziness. And keeping track of Preston was near impossible. We finally left when I got too overwhelmed trying to keep an eye on him while he played with all the kids everywhere.


We went and saw Rio at a Kid's Movie Special with friends today. It was really cute! And Preston seemed to enjoy it too! Plus hello movie theater food!


I've got nothing else. I'm too tired to even think at this point.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thoughts On Thursday

I am exhausted.


I went to register with Brad's cousin Lenee today for her little girl Lily, who is due at the end of September. Lily is going to be her first baby so she wasn't sure what all she needed and asked me to come along. I was so excited! I love all things baby! And I always love giving my opinion! Ha!

It was so much fun! I only have Preston so I always love getting to check out the pink stuff! Even if I don't get to buy it! And holy crap I forgot how much stuff a baby needs! We were in Babies R Us for TWO HOURS! And then we grabbed a late lunch and did Target and Burlington's Baby Depot too.

Preston tagged along too and loved that at Target Lenee let him hold the little scanner and scan the things she wanted. At Burlington they even gave him his own scanner to use! He just thought it was awesome!


When I got home today I told Brad that I can't believe that we've been together for more than six years and I've never really spent any time with Lenee before she got pregnant! How is that possible?! Even more because every time I've hung out with her I've had a great time! It's a good thing she got pregnant and I got to know her better!!


My house is still recovering from me being sick earlier this week. It was just such a disaster. I'm starting to think I'll never get on top of it.

Exhibit A: The Playroom Entrance. I had Preston pick up all of the toys around the house and throw them into the playroom. Notice the little path on the right so that we can get in there to get to the closet.

Exhibit B: Preston's Bookcase. Yep, still haven't picked those books up yet. In my defense I put them on the bookcase in a certain way so that he can easily get to the ones he likes the best, so it's a process. Yes I'm OCD like that.

There are a bunch more things that still are trashed. Taking pictures of all of it would just be too overwhelming. And make you all wonder how it's possible that two small children did all of it.


Father's Day is coming and I have no idea what I'm going to get Brad!


We have carpenter ants in our bedroom. Yes, carpenter ants. I'm cringing even as I write that. I'm not sure yet if they are coming in from outside to look for food and snacks or if they are living in our wall. LIVING IN OUR WALL! Brad keeps using the word nest and every time he says there might be a nest in there I want to curl into a ball and die. I hate bugs! HATE THEM!

I keep going back and forth on what I think. We've probably seen and killed like 25 of them now. Which just doesn't seem like that many in almost a week when Brad keeps saying they might have a nest inside the wall. But then if you watch them (instead of killing them, which is really hard for me) they all seem to head back into the wall under the ledge that goes around the room, so maybe they are living in there. But then that wall is an outside wall and I keep wondering if maybe they are coming in from outside through the wall but not living in the wall.

We're going to call an exterminator and have them come out and look at it all and see what they think. Whether they think they are living in the wall (or somewhere else, YUCK!) or if they are just coming in from outside. And then what they think we should do with either one of those possibilities. If they are living in the wall it's a big deal and can be really bad for our house if we don't do something about it. And if they are coming in from outside we have to do something before they decide to take up residence in our house.


Wow, talk and pictures of messes throughout the house and talk of having ants. I swear we are not dirty people! Even though this post seems to suggest otherwise!


I'm curious as to what everyone else's bedtime routine looks like. Preston seems to get all wound up at bedtime. It's like the moment we walk into his bedroom he starts bouncing off the walls. And then I have to calm him down. And threaten him that if he doesn't calm down he'll lose books. Or that I won't lay with him. And I have to use my mean voice.

I hate that bedtime is like this every night! I feel like it should be a nice ending to the night!

I'm also curious how the whole bedtime process ends. Do you lay with your kids? Or tuck them in and head out of the room? Preston always asks me to lay with him but if I lay with him he doesn't go to sleep. He talks and asks questions and plays and pretty much does everything except go to sleep. But if I don't lay with him I feel horrible because he asked me too. Am I alone in this?


The end.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...Kind Of

One of the SEVENTEEN self portraits Preston took while I was getting my new phone!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I spent yesterday curled up in a ball in different parts of my house. The couch. The bathroom floor. My bed. It was awesome.

Why you ask?

Because I had caught the flu bug that had worked it's way through almost the entire rest of my family. Last week my Dad, two of my sisters, and my nephew all had it. And I'd started to think that I might get lucky and it had passed our house over. Not so much.

I woke up early yesterday morning because my sister was dropping Mason off so that I could watch him while she went to work. When I woke up I felt a little nauseous, but I figured it was just because I was up early and had gone to bed late.

I got Mason to sleep and fell asleep alongside him on the couch. Only to wake up when Preston called my name and head downstairs to fall back asleep next to him. I woke up later and went upstairs to check on Mason, who was slowly starting to wake up, and grab Preston some orange juice. On my way back down I asked Mason if he wanted to go see Preston and he popped up with "Preston!". Which I took as a yes.

We all hung out downstairs for a little while and the boys made some messes while I laid on the bed. Only to head back upstairs when the boys decided my bedroom had gotten boring.

Upstairs Mason kept bringing my boxes of mac and cheese and I finally got the hint that he didn't want breakfast food he wanted lunch food, and since everyone had slept so late that we were bordering on lunch time I went ahead and made the boys some mac and cheese.

And just in time.

I'd just finished cleaning Mason up when I ran to the bathroom knowing I was going to be sick. Of course my entourage followed me. Meaning that I spent the moments in between throwing up trying to tell Preston to please get out of the bathroom and to take Mason with him and that yes Mommy was okay she was just sick. Poor boys!

And then since I figured Mason had already had what I now had, and given it to me, and Mason would help keep Preston entertained I called my sister to tell her that I was sick but Mason could still stay if she wasn't worried about it.

I spent the rest of the day moving from the couch when the boys were upstairs and my bed when the boys were downstairs and the bathroom when I felt sick.

The boys spent the rest of the day TRASHING the place. Even worse, I knew they were trashing it. I could hear them. I just felt so crappy that I didn't care. I figured as long as no one was crying everything was fine.

When Brad got home I knew that the house looked pretty bad by his reaction. I'd just been trying not to look and hadn't really gone through each room to see how bad it was. They had pulled out half of the bins full of toys from the playroom and thrown them down the stairs and in both the upstairs and downstairs hallways and the entryway. As well as goldfish crackers all over the dining room floor along with the mac and cheese from lunch. And toys had been brought into the living room and played with there as well. They'd pulled all of the books down from the bottom three shelves of Preston's bookcase in his bedroom and emptied two of his totes full of toys all over his room. I'm serious when I say the house was destroyed.

With Brad home and Mason ready for a nap me and him napped while Preston and Brad played upstairs. Lucky me Mason took a good nap and when I woke up I was starting to feel a little better. As long as I didn't move a lot. Not so easy with a one year old and a three year old in the house, even with Brad home.

Mason went home, Brad and Preston rain to the store, Brad fed Preston, and I headed downstairs to go to bed. Only to wake up when Brad and Preston came downstairs with the chills. Apparently a stomach bug wasn't going to be complete unless I caught a fever too. Just awesome.

I woke up this morning feeling much better. I still don't have my full appetite back but I'm also not throwing up anymore. Which is definitely in the plus category! Here's hoping tomorrow I wake up feeling completely back to normal!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Matt And Shannon Graduate!

My little brother and sister graduated high school on Friday! I can't believe it! I still remember when they were kindergartners! And now they are done and graduated! How did that happen!

Their graduation wasn't until eight Friday night so I wasn't sure how Preston was going to do but he was pretty entertained by Mason and the crowd and the music. Plus we had fun taking pictures and he bounced from lap to lap. At least until it was just about time for them to walk. And then Brad had to take him out into the hallway to race around.

Seriously I can't believe how surreal it was to watch Matt and Shannon walk across that stage and actually become high school graduates!

We went out to take some pictures but it was dark out and the lighting was horrible so they turned out awful! Boo! At least we took pictures with Matt at my parents house before he left!

Of course my parents had a party for them to celebrate their huge success! A backyard BBQ and the sun was out and it was gorgeous! A perfect day for a graduation party! And Preston was thrilled to get to play with his cousins! He loves when we all get together for just that reason.

Congrats Matt and Shannon! I am so proud of both of you!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thoughts On Thursday

I upgraded my phone today!!! I got the white iPhone 4!!

I've been talking about upgrading for a couple of months, especially after my phone took a dump in April and we thought it was actually done. We'd set the money aside, but I kept putting it off because I just didn't want to pay for it when my phone was still working. But then Brad told me that Walmart had put the iPhone 4's on deal for the whole month of June. And I really started contemplating it. Finally Brad told me to just do it already; I'd been talking about it, we had the money for it, we'd actually be saving money by buying it since it was on sale, and he was worried that if I didn't do it now they would be out of stock by the time I finally convinced myself to do it. So I did it!

I am so excited!!


Me having a new phone means that Preston is now the proud owner of my old iPhone. I think he's going to be very excited about this. I know I am pretty excited about not having to share my phone with him anymore. Plus this is going to be pretty awesome in July when we go on vacation. It's going to be a long car ride and it's going to make it easier on both of us if we each have our own entertainment devices.


Right now Preston isn't excited about getting my old phone.

When I was getting my new phone and trying to explain to him that me getting a new one meant that he could have my old one, he informed me that he didn't want my old phone he wanted a smart phone. And when I tried to tell him that an iPhone was in fact a smart phone, he told me that he didn't want my old phone he wanted my new phone. Which wasn't happening, so I told him that. And then he told me that he didn't want any phone, he just wanted an iPad.

That's my three year old. If he doesn't go into technology I will be shocked.


While we were at Walmart, I grabbed a couple of things that I wanted to pick up because I had some really great coupons. I was pretty impressed when it was all done by how much I saved and how much I got.

I bought two antibacterial cleaning sprays, two on the go first aid kits, six packs of fifteen wet ones, five bottles of vitamins, and two packs of batteries all for... ELEVEN CENTS! Oh yes!


We went to the park today. We had a last minute change of plans and ended up deciding to hit up the park anyways. Just because the weather looked so nice. It was deceiving. We got all dressed in Summer clothes only to throw sweaters on when we got there because of the chill.

Not that we were there for very long. Preston was a nightmare. Not long after we got there he went into a full fledged melt down. He was so out of control that I couldn't calm him down. I tried to put him in a time out on the bench and he started to get close to hysterical. So I brought him to the car and sat him in his car seat but didn't buckle him rolled the front windows down and told him he wasn't allowed to get out of the car and go back to the park to play until he calmed down. It seriously took him like five minutes to get to that point. I almost just said screw it and left. But he finally calmed down and we got out to play. Only to leave less than an hour later because it was cold and Preston wouldn't just wouldn't listen. Fun times.


The good news is that before we left Preston did get to go down the big slide a couple of times.

You know in between meltdowns and not listening.


Brad has worked all week so far! And he's working tomorrow! OH YEAH!


My little brother and sister graduate high school tomorrow! Holy crap! I can't believe they are officially grown ups! I swear they were just babies. I'm so excited to watch them walk across that stage tomorrow! And so incredibly proud of them!


We have a busy weekend coming our way! A busy and FUN weekend!

Chocolate Patience

I recently read an article about how when children are willing to wait patiently for something that is better than what they already have it means that as adults they will be willing to do the same thing. Thus putting them farther ahead in life.

I was intrigued but didn't think to try it out until I read on a friend's blog that they had read the same study and tested it out on their daughter. So I decided to test Preston and see how well he would do.

I went through the cupboards and found some of mine and his favorite chocolate and pulled it out and explained the rules of the "game" to him. I was going to put one square of the chocolate on a napkin in front of him and then set a timer. He had the choice of eating that one piece of chocolate now or waiting until the timer went off. If he could last until the timer went off and not touch the chocolate than I would give him another piece of chocolate and he could have both of them. He was interested and asked a couple of questions and then I set the timer and we began. I set it for ten minutes because I figured in three year old time that was probably almost forever.

And then we waited. And waited. And waited.

Until finally the timer went off! And Preston still hadn't touched his piece of chocolate! Of course as soon as the timer went off he asked for his second piece and shoved them both in his mouth, but I was so proud of him for being patient enough to wait for what he knew would be the better reward!

And then we both polished off the rest of that candy bar. We couldn't just let perfectly good chocolate go to waste!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunny Weekend!

By some magical and mysterious work of fate, we had a sunny weekend! And not just a sunny weekend but one that was in the 80s! It was amazing!

Preston started the weekend off on a relaxing note by hot tubbing with Auntie Rissa.

And giving me this look when he told me to stop taking his picture so he could enjoy the hot tub and I didn't listen. Such a sweet boy.

That is after he stole the spotlight away from Uncle Matt and his friends with the girls they had invited over. At dinner time at my parent's house Preston insisted that he had to sit next to both girls and then ended up on one of their laps where he had her feed him his dinner. It was hilarious! He's quite the ladies man!

Saturday was absolutely beautiful out! And of course I spent most of it inside. I met up with my Mom and sisters and we grabbed lunch and started the search for Shannon's graduation dress! Her and Matt are graduating high school in less than a week! How that is even possible I have no idea, I swear that not only are they not old enough but neither am I!

We found Shannon the perfect dress and then I headed home to relax with Brad and Preston, who had spent the entire time I was gone playing outside. Playing outside covered in sunscreen I should add. My wonderful husband not only thought to put sunscreen on Preston without being told or reminded, but also went searching to find where I keep it. I was so proud of him!

Sunday was nice out, but not nearly as nice as Saturday. But we lived it up outside anyways. We finished cleaning up the play area and cleaning the outside toys and organizing them! I love when the backyard starts looking Summer ready. And now it does, so Summer can feel free to stick around for a long while.

And Preston enjoyed the fact that it was warm enough to play in the water. For a while he ran around the yard and Brad used the remote to turn on the sprinklers and soak him as he moved from spot to spot. It was so funny to watch! And Preston loved it!

Then my parent's and siblings came over to BBQ! Summer weather calls for BBQing! It's just an unspoken rule. And because Preston has been very into baseball lately we decided to split into teams and play. Preston was so excited. Although he did have a hard time with the fact that when you play baseball in teams everyone gets a turn at bat! Ha!

For the record my team won. I just felt the need to point that out. Although we did have to switch the teams up after a couple of rounds as it just wasn't fair to put my Dad and Brad on the same team!

With that our weekend ended. And so did the fabulous weather. Which isn't so bad I guess because our house was HOT and I am so far refusing to turn the AC on, so a little cooling down was nice!