Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thoughts On Thursday

I got to have dinner with my Mom and my youngest sister tonight. It was fun. Me and Marrissa are eleven years apart so we didn't really grow up together. She was only eight when I moved out. So it's fun to get a chance to get out with just Marrissa out of all of my sisters and hang out. Plus dinner...yum!


I was driving the other day and saw a sign warning people that the cops in our area are doing car seat checks and it enraged me. I think it is so sad that some parents care so little about their children and their children's safety that the police in our area have to perform checks to make sure that children are not just buckled up but that they are buckled up appropriately. As a parent it should be a given that you want to make sure you child is safe and so many people are just so careless!


The sun has been shining in our area lately! And we have had warm weather! Warm enough that Preston was in shorts on Wednesday. I can't even explain how happy that makes me! Fingers crossed that Spring has arrived!


My sister, Jessie, got me a card for Mother's Day and gave it to me the other day. It was so sweet. I seriously almost cried when I was reading it. Plus it was nice to hear her tell me what a great Mom she thinks I am! It was such a great card! I'm so lucky to have such an awesome sister that she thinks to get me a card for Mother's Day and leave me such a heartfelt message inside of it!


Preston might just be coming down from the awful age that is three. There seems to be an end in sight. And while we still have those horrible moments that seemed to arrive with this age, they do seem to be happening less and less. Funny enough I might not have fully acknowledged it if my sister in law hadn't pointed it out to me when we were staying with her last month. And once she pointed it out, I started paying attention and noticing that he is definitely starting to act like we might turn a corner at four. I am sooooo excited!


I think we might have found/picked a preschool for Preston! I've only been obsessing about the whole thing for the last couple of months. I'm going to think on it this weekend before we officially decide, but it looks like we will know where Preston will be starting preschool in the Fall!


A friend of mine recently wrote a blog post about a big event that she just participated in and mentioned some friends that she feels have supported her along the way and she mentioned me. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that while she was talking about her big day she thought to mention me!


Me and Brad are having a date night tomorrow. We're going to see a movie and might grab dinner. I'm pretty excited. As is Preston, who gets to have a date night with Grandpa and Grandma. There is talk that they might go to a movie or Chuck E Cheese and he is pretty excited.


I have a dentist appointment at the crack of dawn tomorrow. I don't mind the dentist, but I know that I need to have my wisdom teeth pulled and am dreading it and know that they will bring it up and want me to schedule it. I also have to have two cavities filled and need to schedule that one as well. I keep putting both of these off because I don't want to pay for them and I'm being a big chicken!


Preston slept in his bed all night last night. He woke up at 8am and climbed in bed with me and slept until 9am. We're making progress on this whole big boy bed thing!

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Unknown said...

Hope you guys had fun on your date night!!

That's grea that Preston is making such good progress with his big boy bed, Hope you are getting more sleep as well then.

I am the WORST when it comes to going to the dentist. I haven't been since before Meredith was born. I really should get on that.

Can't believe he is starting Preschool already...such a big boy! We'r going to have to start looking into them next year. I have a pretty good idea of where I want to send her though, so hopefully the process won't be too stressful