Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend

Our Memorial Weekend went a little bit differently than we had originally planned. With Brad not working we made a last minute change to to what we were supposed to do. We usually go back to Brad's hometown and check out the rodeo and hang out with family there. We instead decided it just wasn't the right time to spend the money and that staying home was a better idea for us.

We started Memorial Weekend off with a bang. Picking Jen and Madison up from the airport! Me and Preston were both so excited to see them! Somehow Preston might have been more excited than I was, which is saying a lot because I was pretty excited! I was so glad that they decided to come to Spokane since we won't be seeing them again until August, with everything going on at the beginning of the Summer. And not seeing them from April to August is just a long time, so it's a good thing they came to see us!

Saturday me and Preston spent the morning at my parent's house while Brad did some work for a friend of a friend. While we were there somehow Preston and my brother got to boxing, which really isn't all that surprising these days. My brother is like Preston's big brother and Preston is like the little brother my brother never had. And I was impressed! Not only with how tough Preston was but also with how well he handled himself! He got in about three solid punches to my brother's face! And my brother was trying to block him! Not bad for a three year old. And also probably not helping with us trying to teach Preston not to hit. We're really working on teaching him that he is only allowed to play like that with Uncle Matt at this point.

When Brad picked us up we headed over to Gigi's house to BBQ and hang out. Me and Madison did some playing on the grass and had a mini photo shoot, while Preston raced around with other kids there. He was so excited when we got to Gigi's house and he saw that there were kids there for him to play with!

Preston eventually joined me and Madison on the blanket. Or rather hid under it during a game of hide and seek.

But when I found a ladybug he forgot all about hide and seek! He was so excited! Madison was pretty excited about the ladybug too and kept trying to grab it. Eventually the ladybug moved on and it was time for us too as well.

Me and Jen were off to meet Aunt Dru, Lenee, and Tony's girlfriend for pedicures. And pedicures led to dinner and some martinis. And lots of laughter. While Preston and Brad were on their way home for dinner and some boy time.

Sunday was my sister's birthday! We got dressed and headed over to my parent's house to hang out and celebrate. Preston got to practice his punching some more, this time with the boxing gloves. He started with my brother and then later him and Brad played with them. This time Brad was trying to teach Preston to not only be the hitter but also how to block when someone else is hitting. We eventually headed to dinner at Red Robin. Preston loves going to dinner with everyone because he can bounce from lap to lap and eventually someone takes him to play the games!

Monday, Jen and Madison were heading home so after Preston woke up we all headed over to hang out for a little while before they left. Madison was sleeping when we arrived, but when she woke up I took full advantage of having her around and tried to get a picture of Preston and Madison together! Catching one with both of them looking and smiling was basically impossible.

Then the weekend ended and Brad went back to work. Except oh wait, he didn't. It's like we just have this long extra extended Memorial Weekend. Only we were really hoping to only have a three day weekend!

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