Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Cat Walk

With the warmer weather that we've been having lately (not including the rain that can't seem to make up it's freaking mind) we've been going for walks. Preston likes to get some of his energy out and loves walking over to the school or park a couple of blocks away. I love that it wears him out before bedtime!

Apparently Preston isn't the only one interested in going for a walk at the end of the day. Our cat, George, is as well!

We headed out the other day and got to the end of our street and heard a cat crying. We were trying to figure out what it was and where it was coming from when I saw George poke his little head out of a neighbor's bush. He'd followed us and had gotten outside of his comfort zone, but still wanted to come.

So come he did. He followed us all the way there. We had to stop and wait for him and let him catch up and reassure him that we would stay close by and not leave him.

It was hard to play with both Preston and George there. It was almost as if we two children with us. A toddler and an infant. You see Preston wanted to play and race around and he wanted us to play with him, but George was terrified and needed someone to sit with him so that he didn't die of fear. If someone wasn't near him he just cried and cried. So me and Brad rotated between playing with Preston and sitting with George. lol.

Not much later we headed back home. A certain little boy needed to get to bed and a certain cat was done being away from our street!

Memorial Weekend

Our Memorial Weekend went a little bit differently than we had originally planned. With Brad not working we made a last minute change to to what we were supposed to do. We usually go back to Brad's hometown and check out the rodeo and hang out with family there. We instead decided it just wasn't the right time to spend the money and that staying home was a better idea for us.

We started Memorial Weekend off with a bang. Picking Jen and Madison up from the airport! Me and Preston were both so excited to see them! Somehow Preston might have been more excited than I was, which is saying a lot because I was pretty excited! I was so glad that they decided to come to Spokane since we won't be seeing them again until August, with everything going on at the beginning of the Summer. And not seeing them from April to August is just a long time, so it's a good thing they came to see us!

Saturday me and Preston spent the morning at my parent's house while Brad did some work for a friend of a friend. While we were there somehow Preston and my brother got to boxing, which really isn't all that surprising these days. My brother is like Preston's big brother and Preston is like the little brother my brother never had. And I was impressed! Not only with how tough Preston was but also with how well he handled himself! He got in about three solid punches to my brother's face! And my brother was trying to block him! Not bad for a three year old. And also probably not helping with us trying to teach Preston not to hit. We're really working on teaching him that he is only allowed to play like that with Uncle Matt at this point.

When Brad picked us up we headed over to Gigi's house to BBQ and hang out. Me and Madison did some playing on the grass and had a mini photo shoot, while Preston raced around with other kids there. He was so excited when we got to Gigi's house and he saw that there were kids there for him to play with!

Preston eventually joined me and Madison on the blanket. Or rather hid under it during a game of hide and seek.

But when I found a ladybug he forgot all about hide and seek! He was so excited! Madison was pretty excited about the ladybug too and kept trying to grab it. Eventually the ladybug moved on and it was time for us too as well.

Me and Jen were off to meet Aunt Dru, Lenee, and Tony's girlfriend for pedicures. And pedicures led to dinner and some martinis. And lots of laughter. While Preston and Brad were on their way home for dinner and some boy time.

Sunday was my sister's birthday! We got dressed and headed over to my parent's house to hang out and celebrate. Preston got to practice his punching some more, this time with the boxing gloves. He started with my brother and then later him and Brad played with them. This time Brad was trying to teach Preston to not only be the hitter but also how to block when someone else is hitting. We eventually headed to dinner at Red Robin. Preston loves going to dinner with everyone because he can bounce from lap to lap and eventually someone takes him to play the games!

Monday, Jen and Madison were heading home so after Preston woke up we all headed over to hang out for a little while before they left. Madison was sleeping when we arrived, but when she woke up I took full advantage of having her around and tried to get a picture of Preston and Madison together! Catching one with both of them looking and smiling was basically impossible.

Then the weekend ended and Brad went back to work. Except oh wait, he didn't. It's like we just have this long extra extended Memorial Weekend. Only we were really hoping to only have a three day weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...Kind Of

Can someone please tell me when my BABY turned into a little boy?!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Project Finding Joy: Last Weekend

To find out what this is all about go here.

61. Almost getting the garage completely put back together and done.

62. Getting all of my stuff (Preston's old stuff) in the garage put away and re-labeled and stacked just the way I've wanted it!

63. Preston and Brad running over to my parent's house to look at something for my Mom and ending up staying to hang out there without me for a couple of hours. I love that Brad loves my family and hanging out with them with or without me.

64. Getting a couple of hours at home to myself while Brad and Preston were over at my parent's house.

65. Preston sleeping in until 10:30am on Saturday morning, even though he went to bed at his normal time the night before.

66. Leaving the windows open and the heater off!

67. Taking a walk and playing at the park with my boys on Sunday because it's finally nice enough out.

68. Swinging by my parent's house on Sunday in the middle of running errands and Preston and my Dad deciding that I should run the rest of my errands on my own because they feel like hanging out.

69. Preston begging (literally begging) not to have to leave my parent's house. "Mommy please don't make me leave. PLEASE!". What can I say the kid loves Grandma and Grandpa's house.

70. Preston crashing moments after being put to bed Sunday night. He was just plain exhausted.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thoughts On Thursday

I bought these crock pot liners and used them for the first time tonight and they are so freaking awesome. Nothing was stuck to the bottom of my crock pot and I don't have to clean anything up. So easy!


Tonight at bedtime me and Preston had these two conversations...

Preston: "Mommy I want you to lay in here for twelve hours.

Me: "Do you know how long twelve hours is? That would be all the way until morning time."

Preston: "Okay, let's see."


Me: "Preston you better go na-night."

Preston: "But my eyes won't let me close them."

He's a clever little guy.


Brad is home again. AGAIN. Story of my life. I don't even really feel that shocked anymore when he tells me that he has a few days off while they wait for blah blah blah to start. I am so done with construction and so done with this economy.


The good news about Brad being home is that we do have a lot of things around the house, yard, and garage that will keep us all busy.


Speaking of the garage, we were out there today trying to organize it. I swear every Summer we are trying to organize the garage. This time we are switching sides of the garage so that I have the side that juts in so that I can keep all of "my" baby stuff in that part.

I say "my" baby stuff because Brad informs me all of the time that the baby stuff is mine and therefore it must be stored on my side of the garage.


Also speaking of the garage we have now locked our cats out of it. I don't know if I mentioned it or not at any other point but two of our inside cats became outside cats several months back. Why you ask? Because we apparently made the mistake of falling in love with all boy cats and even though we had all of them neutered their instincts still kicked in and they started spraying around the house. Particularly in Preston's bedroom on his very expensive bedroom furniture. And after months of cleaning it up and losing my mind we finally moved the Charlie and Max outside. Leaving only Monti, who wasn't peeing and is funny enough our best cat ever despite being feral, as an inside kitty.

After being moved outside Max and Charlie still continued spraying, although probably more Charlie than Max since he considers himself to be the boss of us and is royally pissed at me and Brad for not allowing him inside. Only since they were now outside they were spraying all over our garage. Everything in it was up for grabs in their opinions. My totes full of baby stuff (thank goodness I put everything in plastic totes instead of boxes, I don't even like thinking about how much they would have ruined otherwise), Brad's motorcycles, Brad's car, our other stuff, and my car windshield. We'd eventually had enough of that and now they are fully outside kitties. Brad's going to make them a cat house for the winter, but we are officially done letting them pee all over our stuff.


Still speaking of the garage, sheesh enough already, I went outside today and started spraying my totes down with bleach and cleaning all of the cat pee off of them. It was disgusting.

And when I was re-stacking some of them in their new home on the opposite side of the garage, I realized that Preston has a lot of clothes. Or rather Preston has had a lot of clothes so far. Wanna see?

I've kept it all so that if we have another boy we have everything he needs. Or at least all of the things such as jeans, pjs, onesies, socks, gloves, cotton pants, and thermals that don't go out of style that he needs. And I'll just sell or giveaway all of the stuff that is not longer "cute" and buy those things. Although even before this other boy exists, if we even have another boy, I can't help but think that it'll be weird to see him wearing Preston's things! Yes I'm a crazy person why do you ask? Ha!


Today was nice enough that Preston finally got to play with his rocket ship sprinkler that he has been asking to play with since last weekend. He was pretty excited!

He also attempted to ride his trike to the mailbox to get the mail with Brad. But unfortunately he is way too big for his trike. Looks like somebody might be getting a big boy bike for his birthday! Shhh!

When the trike didn't work they opted to take Preston's truck instead.


Our backyard has worms. Like everywhere. And those little f-ers are messing up my new grass. And it's pissing me off. They've managed to take new grass that was laid out last year and and make it lumpy all over. Like there are little hills everywhere you step underneath my grass. We did some looking into it and I guess it means our dirt is really fertile, which is good, but they leave their casings behind which is causing the little hills. We're trying to figure out a way to get rid of them. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them!

One Of The Big Boys

Preston wants to be one of the big boys so bad. Whenever we are at my parent's house and my brother has friends over Preston wants to be doing whatever they are doing. Which is how we end up out front a lot of the time lately. So that he can chase them while they throw the football or play a little basketball with them or do some boxing. He really doesn't care all that much what they are doing as long as he can be included.

And they are all really good about including him. From lifting him up so that he can make a basket. Or tossing him the football and letting him toss it back. To helping him put on the boxing gloves and going a round with him. I'm always so impressed at how great these teenage boys are about slowing it down for a minute and letting a three year old play with them.

As evidenced when we stopped by my parent's house the other day only to find that my brother and his friends were the only ones home. Preston begged to be able to stay for a little while and play with the big boys and it was nice out so I gave in and sat on the grass to watch him.

He took a turn playing with each of them. Some of them are regulars for Preston and he's used to them being around. And some of them are new or we don't see them as often. But each of them broke away from the group at some point to give Preston some of their time.

Preston took a particular shine to my brother's friend Brady. I've known Brady since he was little but I think this was Preston's first time meeting him. Not that it made a bit of difference to Preston. He was ready to play! And play they did!

I just love watching Preston get a chance to be one of the big boys and how excited it makes him to be included in the group.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Down The Slide

Two summers ago, me and Preston had to tackle this slide together. I had to climb up with him. Freaking out after every step that he insisted he could do on his own that he was going to fall. And then we'd get to the top and we'd have to go down with him on my lap. He loved it We had to do it every time we were at this park and sometimes more than once.

Last summer, Preston would climb up and sometimes make it all the way, but usually only get half way before he started screaming for me. I would have to head up and he would try to convince me to go down the slide with him. At which point I would either cave and we'd ride down the slide together. Or I would shut it down and inform him that it's a tight squeeze and it hurts Mommy to ride down and I would carry him back down.

This summer is apparently the slide and Preston's summer. Today he climbed up all by himself. After I warned him that I would not be coming up there under any circumstance. Once he was up there he requested that I wait at the bottom for him and he SLID DOWN ALL BY HIMSELF! The first few times he asked me to wait at the bottom to catch him. But after a couple of times I pointed out to him that I wasn't actually catching him he was good to do it on all on his own. Repeatedly.


As if I needed to have it pointed out to me in yet another way that my baby boy is growing up.

Wordless Wednesday...Kind Of

Look out it's the BALL PIT MONSTER!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Say What Preston?!

Preston: "Mama, I ated all my pop-tart and I'm still hungry."

Me: "Okay, we're almost home and I'll get you something."

Preston: "No, I want McDonald's."

Me: "Not going to happen. We're almost home."

Preston: "No. We has to go to McDonald's. Because when we went to Grandma's house you didn't let me go inside and play. And you hafta let me go inside and play. So now we has to get McDonald's."

Me: "Oh. Is that how this works?"

Preston: "Yes. If you don't let little boys play you have to go to McDonald's."

For the record, we didn't get McDonald's. And we didn't go into Grandma's house because we were picking Shannon up to drop her off at work and no one else was home and we were running late. Poor kid, he has such a mean Mommy!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thoughts On Thursday

I got to have dinner with my Mom and my youngest sister tonight. It was fun. Me and Marrissa are eleven years apart so we didn't really grow up together. She was only eight when I moved out. So it's fun to get a chance to get out with just Marrissa out of all of my sisters and hang out. Plus dinner...yum!


I was driving the other day and saw a sign warning people that the cops in our area are doing car seat checks and it enraged me. I think it is so sad that some parents care so little about their children and their children's safety that the police in our area have to perform checks to make sure that children are not just buckled up but that they are buckled up appropriately. As a parent it should be a given that you want to make sure you child is safe and so many people are just so careless!


The sun has been shining in our area lately! And we have had warm weather! Warm enough that Preston was in shorts on Wednesday. I can't even explain how happy that makes me! Fingers crossed that Spring has arrived!


My sister, Jessie, got me a card for Mother's Day and gave it to me the other day. It was so sweet. I seriously almost cried when I was reading it. Plus it was nice to hear her tell me what a great Mom she thinks I am! It was such a great card! I'm so lucky to have such an awesome sister that she thinks to get me a card for Mother's Day and leave me such a heartfelt message inside of it!


Preston might just be coming down from the awful age that is three. There seems to be an end in sight. And while we still have those horrible moments that seemed to arrive with this age, they do seem to be happening less and less. Funny enough I might not have fully acknowledged it if my sister in law hadn't pointed it out to me when we were staying with her last month. And once she pointed it out, I started paying attention and noticing that he is definitely starting to act like we might turn a corner at four. I am sooooo excited!


I think we might have found/picked a preschool for Preston! I've only been obsessing about the whole thing for the last couple of months. I'm going to think on it this weekend before we officially decide, but it looks like we will know where Preston will be starting preschool in the Fall!


A friend of mine recently wrote a blog post about a big event that she just participated in and mentioned some friends that she feels have supported her along the way and she mentioned me. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that while she was talking about her big day she thought to mention me!


Me and Brad are having a date night tomorrow. We're going to see a movie and might grab dinner. I'm pretty excited. As is Preston, who gets to have a date night with Grandpa and Grandma. There is talk that they might go to a movie or Chuck E Cheese and he is pretty excited.


I have a dentist appointment at the crack of dawn tomorrow. I don't mind the dentist, but I know that I need to have my wisdom teeth pulled and am dreading it and know that they will bring it up and want me to schedule it. I also have to have two cavities filled and need to schedule that one as well. I keep putting both of these off because I don't want to pay for them and I'm being a big chicken!


Preston slept in his bed all night last night. He woke up at 8am and climbed in bed with me and slept until 9am. We're making progress on this whole big boy bed thing!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...Kind Of

Preston's face when he looked up at the TV during the scene in Fantastic Four when the "Human Torch" lights himself on fire. I think it's safe to say he thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend 2011

We had a lot of big events this weekend!

My little brother and sister had prom! Their SENIOR prom! Because my little brother and sister are somehow old enough that they are going to be graduating from high school next month!

How gorgeous is my little sister? Seriously! And her dress. Oh how beautiful is her dress?! Definitely worth all the trouble we went through to make sure she got it!

And my brother. He looked so dashing in his tux! Poor kid we made him pose for us. That's what he gets when he has four sisters!

And his date was so cute! Score for my brother! And her dress was very fun!

Since we were all there, my Mom decided to feed us. Because she is awesome and she knows how we all feel about her tacos. They are amazing. Absolutely amazing. I'm not even kidding. If I'm chatting with her and she mentions that she's making tacos for dinner I make sure I'm there so I don't miss out!

Something else happened this weekend. What was it? I know it was a BIG deal. Hmmm.

Oh yeah, it was Mother's Day!!!

My lovely boys went shopping for me and picked me up a gift and a card. I love cards. Love them. And I'm not sure if I've mentioned it or if anyone has noticed before but I am a crazy person for picture frames and putting pictures of Preston up everywhere. EVERYWHERE! So Brad and Preston picked me up an adorable frame that has several spots for photos and matches one of our bookcases! It was a great surprise and gift!

Preston did tell me that he wanted to get me an airplane and a telescope but that Brad said that he thought I'd prefer the frame. When I told Preston that the airplane and telescopes sounded great too, he perked right up and told me we should go get them right now! Ha! I might have considered it until Brad told me how much they cost. No wonder Brad said no!

I took a nap and Preston and Brad hung out for a while. And then we all got dressed and headed out to meet my Mom and family for a Mother's Day late lunch/early dinner at Olive Garden.

After we ate me, Brad, and Preston walked over to the park to walk around and play for a little bit.

It was a great weekend! I hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!