Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some Poop Stories

Poop has been a big topic of conversations in our house. It's been very odd for me. I come from a family of mostly girls meaning that I grew up talking about make-up and dolls and boys and lots of things that had nothing to do with poop. Now I live in a house with two boys. Poop is a big topic of conversations around these parts these days.

When Preston uses the bathroom to go numero dos he likes to have his privacy. No biggie there. That is until he is done. He'll yell for both me and Brad to come in. Then begins the game of who gets to wipe his little bottom. I kid you not he acts as though he is bestowing a great honor on us and that we should fight over who has the pleasure of cleaning his butt. So then we have to stand there while he decides who loses wins.

One of the times that we were in there waiting for Preston to make his decision, Brad had the great idea to name Preston's poop. Is this a boy thing? Something I'm just not aware of? I couldn't stop laughing. But Preston got really into it. They ended up deciding on the name Carlos. Was that TMI? Probably. But it was as hilarious as it was disgusting. And for weeks after that every time Preston went to the bathroom Brad had to go in and help him name the poop.

Preston went above and beyond recently though. Brad was on bath and bed duty one night. I had gone out with my sister to celebrate our office manager's birthday and gotten home late after everyone had gone to bed. When I woke up the next morning I was unloading the dishwasher and talking to Preston about what he and Brad had done the night before. Preston started talking about how he'd gone poop, not a big deal until he said he'd gone poop in the bathtub. I immediately yelled for Brad and asked him if Preston had pooped in the bathtub the night before and more importantly if he'd cleaned it up. But he had no idea what Preston was talking about.

A little bit later Preston mentioned it again. Only this time he added in that he didn't tell Daddy he'd pooped in the bathtub. And that after he'd pooped in the bathtub, he'd hidden it. HIDDEN IT! Preston then brought us in there to show us. He really had pooped in the tub! And then he'd covered it with a little toy cup, so that you couldn't see it until he lifted it up! It was so disgusting I almost threw up! The little cup had not only held the poop in but also the water and the smell! It was awful! The whole bathroom filled with the smell. And I made my escape and left Brad to handle it as he was on bathroom duty when it happened.

When I talked to Preston about it he said that he had to go and he tried to tell Brad but Brad wouldn't listen so he just went. Poor Brad, I think after cleaning that up next time he'll listen when Preston says he's gotta go!

Thus is how poop has been affecting our house lately.

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