Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Project Finding Joy Part Six

I have been really bad about this lately!

To find out what this is all about go here.

51. Bath time for Preston and scrub-a-dubbas.

52. The feeling of contentment when we rearrange the living room.

53. Upcoming vacations and how much closer they are getting.

54. Preston getting sick (AGAIN...ugh!) this week instead of next week when we're in Seattle.

55. My family being home! They were only gone for a week but I missed them!

56. Finding out that my cell phone company is offering a new plan that is perfect for me!

57. A husband that lets me take a nap when he gets home from work and has dinner made for all of us when I get up because he knows that I am just plain tired.

58. Pretzels with lots of salt!

59. Words with Friends and kicking my Dad's ass...sometimes. Even though currently he has beat me more than I have beat him. But I'm about to make a come back!

60. Long showers!


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Yankee Girl said...

Hey for upcoming vacations!

I really wish my cell phone company would come up with a new plan that makes me happy. I am so sick of paying for services I don't need.