Monday, April 11, 2011

A Night Out With Friends

On Friday night we had date night out with friends. We were celebrating my friend Nicole and her fiance's birthdays. We went out to the casino for dinner, drinks, and gambling! And most of all FUN!

And fun was had! While Preston was playing with Auntie Shannon me and Brad were enjoying being out with other grown ups for a couple of hours!

It was so nice to get out with friends and we were having so much fun that when we left the casino we headed back to Nicole and Zack's to keep hanging out!

I was exhausted the next day! Especially since me and Nicole had made plans to meet up in the morning to check out a kid's sale! But it was worth it! The night out not the kid's sale. I didn't find anything there! :(

Thanks for inviting us out to celebrate with you guys!!

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