Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Ferry Ride

Brad made it into Seattle just in time for the weekend. And the sun. It was absolutely gorgeous in Seattle on Saturday. Like short sleeve, put your sun glasses on, Spring is here gorgeous.

We attempted to start the day out with an Easter Egg hunt but we missed it by minutes. Those things happen fast and when you factor in trying to get three exhausted adults and two small children out the door it's no surprise that we were a few minutes late. In fact I'm more surprised that we were only a few minutes late.

The Easter Egg hunt was being held at a community center that was attached to a fabulous park and the sun was shining so we stayed to play anyways!

Madison got to enjoy sitting and playing in the grass for the first time. And she seemed to enjoy herself. Plus seriously how cute is this little girl?! I just can't get over it!

Preston loved one of the swings they had there. He literally swung on it for like ten minutes. Just relaxing and enjoying himself! My adorable little man!

That is until Preston saw Madison climb into the baby swing. And then of course he had to climb into a baby swing too. I think it's official that Preston is too big for the baby swing. Please excuse me, I'll be over there crying in the corner after having yet another way that Preston is growing up pointed out to me.

Preston tried out one last toy at the park before it was time to take off. It was a little ride that the kids sit on it and you spin a wheel and the ride moves from one side to the other. It was a pretty big hit.

From the park we headed downtown to ride a ferry to Bainbridge. I thought Preston would get such a kick out of riding on a ferry. He loves boats and a ferry is a huge boat! He did enjoy himself but he was just not as into it as I thought he was going to be.

But he did love the sunshine.

As did Miss Madison.

Preston did love himself some of the popcorn that we got during the ride. I'm pretty sure he would have loved that whether we were on a boat of not though!

We attempted to take some pictures outside and enjoy the ride back to Seattle, but it was soooo windy. Seriously. Preston hid underneath the railing at one point just to get away from the wind. And while we were able to get a picture of Brad and Preston when we attempted one of me and Preston the wind and my hair were just not going to let it happen.

So we entertained ourselves inside taking pictures. Many many pictures. I'm sure people thought we were crazy. But we enjoyed ourselves!

When we got back to Jen's me and Preston and Jen took a little walk to pick up some snacks. And just enjoy the amazing weather that Seattle had!

While us grown ups ate enough snacks to substitute dinner for us the littler ones enjoyed some time playing in the playroom and watching a movie on the iPad. I'm not kidding when I say that Preston and Madison are seriously into technology.

Although Madison did take some time out of playing to practice her yoga skills.

We ended the night with a walk to get frozen yogurt and some stuff for Easter the next day. And also with one hell of a meltdown from Preston. There are no words to explain what my child turned into. Obviously it was time for a certain little boy to go to bed.

And the Easter Bunny to get to work!

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