Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter In Seattle

We celebrated Easter in Seattle this year! Of course it was the only day that we were there that it rained. But we didn't let a little rain ruin our day!

The Easter Bunny stopped by sometime in the middle of the night and left baskets for all of us.

Poor Preston, the bunny hid his and he had to search for it!

The bunny also hid a few eggs around the house to distract him from finding his basket. That silly bunny!

Preston did eventually find his basket. And he was so excited to see what was in it and that it was all for him!

Madison was pretty excited to dig into her basket too!

Preston got some window markers from Aunt Jen for Easter and took to creating some artwork for her on the windows. And when I asked him to initial his artwork with the first letter of his name he did! All by himself! Twice even! After all there were two windows!

We enjoyed some down time just hanging out for a while. And dressing up Madison in her bunny ears!

Can you tell that these two were pretty excited about Easter?

Then it was time to dye the eggs! Preston was so excited to do this! Once we got started though he just wanted all of the eggs to be green. Can you tell what his favorite color is? Ha!

Just as we were finishing up dying the eggs my friend Jenny and her boyfriend stopped by. I haven't seen Jenny in almost a year. Since before she moved over to Seattle! So I was pretty excited to see her! Although Preston might have been more excited than I was. He didn't leave Jenny and Robbie's laps practically the whole time they were there!

We had a very traditional Easter dinner of tacos. What you didn't have tacos for dinner on Easter? We were going to have them the night before but all of the snacking got in the way and we decided to just have them for dinner on Easter. They were very delish!

Easter in Seattle ended with an Easter egg hunt. Jen's backyard is under construction so it made it even more interesting! There were lots of places to hide the eggs.

I wondered if Preston would get into it or not since there wasn't any competition, but he loved it! He was all over the yard finding all of the eggs!

Madison loved watching Preston hunt for eggs since she's not big enough to participate...this year.

Unfortunately for Preston there really weren't all that many eggs hidden out there for him. Ha!

The drive home felt like it took forever, but it was worth it because we had a fabulous time in Seattle with Jen and Madison!

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