Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Children's Museum And The Easter Bunny

While we were in Seattle, we used up a Groupon that I had purchased last year for the Children's Museum. I was so excited. I'd taken Preston there once before but it was almost two years ago. He was so excited to go. Once we got down there he was ready to explore.

He was really into the mechanical room. Most especially the water parts of it. Imagine that, my child wanting to play with water. Ha! Or the little conveyor belt. He loved cranking it while I tossed balls into the basket.

We moved around the museum and Preston did some grocery shopping. He took it so seriously. If only they had these kid sized carts everywhere we went, Preston is really digging them. Plus then I could totally have him run to the store for me when I need something. I wish!

We moved around a little bit after that and renewed ourselves with the museum. Preston served me tacos at a fast food restaurant. Where I couldn't help but laugh at how seriously he took serving me my food. And he was even willing to sit down and share a taco with me. Hey, eating a fake taco is one step closer to eating a real one right?! Then Preston became a fireman. Until there were no more fires to put out. Or more accurately Preston was a fireman for less time than it took to get him in and out of the costume. We did some exploring in Japan. Where Preston really wasn't interested in playing house. But he did try to ride a bike and play a xylophone before he headed back to the other areas of the museum.

Preston got a little wet at the water table. No surprise there. Even less surprising was that he kept coming back to it. He'd play there for a few minutes and then move on to another area and then request that we go back to the water table.

Preston's very favorite area though was the outdoors area. With the caves and the tunnels in the trees. And the bugs. He loved that whole area. And since it sat in the middle of the museum it was easy to detour to it on the way to and from the other play areas. I'm thinking that we might have to figure out a weekend to take Preston camping. Or at the very least set up a tent in the backyard overnight.

Preston took a ride on a bug and our trip to the museum was over. Several hours after it began. I was exhausted!

But the day wasn't over yet. We had a bunny picture to take!

Preston acted all excited about seeing the Easter Bunny right up until we got there. Then he was not having it. I couldn't get him to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap for the life of me. And the bunny just didn't seem all the interested in holding my screaming child on his lap for the photo. Somehow though we got lucky and Preston was willing to sit on the floor next to the Easter Bunny and was even willing to smile. Check it out...

Not too bad right? And aren't they just adorable!

We finished the day off with errands and a visit to see Martin. By the time we got back to Jen's for the night everyone was exhausted. Preston was so tired that he asked to go to bed and then fell asleep seconds after climbing into bed and didn't even ask to hear a story!

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