Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thoughts On Thursday

We're sick. We have been all week. It hit our house Sunday morning and we've been miserable since.

Maybe miserable is a little strong. But we have seriously been home all week and we're both starting to lose our mind. I was excited to go to the grocery store tonight because it meant I got to leave the house.


Since having Preston I've really started getting over my disgust with bugs. No joke.

The other day I was picking worms up (with a pine needle, I haven't completely lost my mind) out of the street because it had rained and Preston was worried that they would get hit by a car. Never thought I'd be able to say that before.

And this morning when I woke up and found a rolly polly in Brad's bathroom I didn't freak out. I didn't even kill it. I got excited about how Preston would react when I showed it to him. And then when we couldn't find it when I went to show him. I was more upset that I couldn't find it to show Preston than I was that we had a runaway rolly polly in our house. Then when I did find it I got Preston out of bed to show him before saving it's life and tossing it outside.

Seriously, who am I?!


Me and Brad have been using separate bathrooms for the last couple of weeks. It was been amazing. One of the best things we accidentally ended up doing. I don't get irritated when he leaves his work clothes on the floor or when he doesn't pick up his towel or dry the floor. He just uses his bathroom and I don't have to deal with it. His bathroom also happens to be the bathroom that is less available for people who come to our house, so if it's trashed it doesn't drive me completely insane. And I use my bathroom and can keep it clean. And if it is dirty I know that it's my fault which makes cleaning it up seem so much easier.


My maid came back! Ha! More like I realized that I never actually had a maid and got off my butt and cleaned up the messes all over the house!


I'm watching the Grey's Anatomy musical episode and while I'm not really loving it I am loving the songs they're singing. I love the episodes that they originally came from and that some of those were my favorites. Like when Meredith is choosing between Derek and the vet. Or when Meredith and Derek finally hook up at the hospital after breaking up when Addison shows up, I love that song and scene! Makes me want to watch all the old episodes...again!


I've been reading Preston stories from his Children's Bible every night at bedtime. I wasn't sure if he was actually enjoying it or paying attention and then tonight when I grabbed a Thomas book and told him we were going to read that one and he checked to make sure that we were going to read from the bible and reminded me not to forget. It kind of made my night to know that he's enjoying the stories!


My Mom, two of my sisters, and my nephew are flying to California on Saturday to visit family and I'm so jealous! I wanted to go so bad. But they're flying and it was just too expensive to get me and Preston there. :(


Is it wrong that I bought Preston a Cadburry Egg and I just ate it?

Is it less wrong if I buy him a new one tomorrow?

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