Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Say What Preston?!

Preston: (Coming upstairs after I sent him down to get Brad): Mommy he's in his man cave (Heavy on the whine).

Me: So go in there. (Also heavy on the whine).

Preston: But he's in his MAN cave.

Me: You can't go in there?

Preston: Noooooo. It's only for mans. Not little boys.


Preston: Daddy! You just peed on the floor!

Brad: No I didn't.

Preston: Yes you did! Mommy is going to be so mad!

Can you tell that I've really been working on Preston peeing IN the toilet and not on or around it?


Let me set the scene, we were in the car and Where I Come From by Alan Jackson was playing.

Me: Preston where do you come from?

Preston: I don't come from anywhe...(cuts off mid thought)...You made'd me!


Kelly said...

LMAO!! The kid cracks me up!!!

Unknown said...

Hahaha...omg....these are so funny! As sad as I get that Meredith isn't a baby anymore I *love* this stage and how much she can say! It's so fun to actually be able to talk with her now!