Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I lost my debit card on Friday. I'm constantly thinking that I've lost my debit card and then finding it at the bottom of my purse or in the back pocket of a pair of jeans but this time I really did lose it.

Embarrassingly enough I'm pretty sure I left it in the ATM! Oops! At least if that's where I left it my bank says the machine has a sensor and it probably sucked it in and shredded it when I pulled away. Thank goodness!

Of course I realized I'd lost it when I went to use it. That could have been incredibly awkward! But luckily I keep an emergency credit card in my wallet and somehow the only emergency that ever happens is that I've lost or left my debit card somewhere. Imagine that.

I had to call my bank and report it lost and in doing that I had to cancel Brad's debit card too. Poor guy. What can I say misery loves company! We can suffer together. Although I'm pretty I'm sure that I'm the only one who's actually suffering.

Then today I had a million errands to run. And no debit card, just a credit card. Ugh! I try really hard not to use my credit cards because I have a slight spending problem. If I know that I'm spending money that comes directly out of my account I pay attention to what I'm buying. But give me a credit card and I find all sorts of things that I "need". It's ridiculous.

Today though I handled the situation. I was very impressed with my self control. Especially considering all of the places I went; Walmart, Target, Safeway, Albertsons, Fred Meyer, and Walgreens. I told you I was all over the place. I even made it out of Target without buying anything I wasn't supposed to. Even though I really wanted to grab a couple of the super cute summer things they put out. Oh Target how I love you. I did promise myself that as soon as Brad is back to work full time I am going back for one of the ones I've got my eye on! A little reward for my self control!

Still even though I handled using my credit card to pick up the things I needed I really want my debit card back! I hate having to use my debit card when I'm only spending $2.00 or something pitiful like that because I never carry cash and I really really hate having to use my credit card when I'm only spending a couple of dollars.

I never realize how much I use my debit card until I don't have it. For example on Sunday I went into Target to make a return, only to get the customer service desk and realize that I didn't bring my receipt because they can process your return without it as long as you have the card that you used to make the purchase. You know the card that I lost. Or when I go to the bank to make a deposit...in the ATM. Can't do that without a debit card. UGH! That was a waste of time. I pulled in realized that I didn't have my debit card and left. Awesome.

The bank said I should have my new debit card in 7-10 days. Here's hoping they get it to me sooner! It's a nightmare living without it! Plus I'm starting to feel a little pathetic that I'm so distraught without it.

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