Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Think I'm Holding Him Back

Time for a big boy bed update!

The great news though is that bedtime has gotten so much better and easier with him in his own room. We have actually been consistently sticking with our bedtime routine where before it was hit or miss. And now that he doesn't have a million distractions and he has some space to read or play quietly I can actually put him in his bed at bedtime and he stays there until he falls asleep, which means that I'm getting some time to myself at the end of the day! That part of the big boy bed is working out amazingly!

The good news is that Preston has been sleeping in his own room and in his big boy bed since we got it all set up! Happy dance!

The not so great news is that I've been sleeping in there too! Eeek!

I knew that I was going to end up in Preston's room when we were transitioning him into a bed in his own room. What I didn't realize was that I might have more of a problem with Preston being in his own room than he does!

Oh yes, I am the one who can't seem to handle Preston being on his own in his room.

I've tried sleeping in my room a couple of times but somehow end up back in his room at some point in the middle of the night. I'm like the little kid in this situation! Ha!

In my defense, I end up back in his bed because he starts cluster waking and after getting up several times I finally just throw in the towel and grab my pillow and climb in bed with him so we haven't actually made it a full night with him in there all by himself.

I think I've mentioned before that Preston will throw out his arm or move his leg when he's sleeping and as long as he hits or kicks me or Brad and knows we're there he goes right back to sleep without even fully waking up. This has become a problem when we're trying to get him to sleep by himself. Hence the cluster waking. He wakes up and cries out and I go into his room and tell him it's all okay and he goes back to sleep, then a few minutes (if that) later it happens all over again. Which leads to me climbing into bed with him only hours after I climbed into my own bed for the night.

Not that we've tried him sleeping on his own all that many times. I've only attempted to let him sleep on his own in his room two maybe three times. I know, pathetic! Even more pathetic, you should have seen me the first time. I had our baby monitor on and laid there staring at the screen watching to make sure everything was okay. How everything wouldn't be okay when he's just down the hall and he's already asleep I have no idea, but just in case rest assured that I am watching.

I knew getting him to sleep in his own bed in his own room after co-sleeping for three and a half years wouldn't be easy but who knew I'd be the one holding up the train?

Even funnier, co-sleeping wasn't my idea when Preston was all of a couple weeks old. It was Brad's and I was very adamantly against it. How ironic that now I'm the one who can't seem to put an end to it.

We'll get there...someday. There can't possibly be enough room in a full size bed for both of us when he's a teenager. Ha! I'm totally kidding. Now that Preston seems to have this whole sleeping in his room and bed thing down it's time for me to rip the band aid off and have him start sleeping in there by himself all night.

Starting tonight tomorrow.

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