Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thoughts On Thursday

We're sick. We have been all week. It hit our house Sunday morning and we've been miserable since.

Maybe miserable is a little strong. But we have seriously been home all week and we're both starting to lose our mind. I was excited to go to the grocery store tonight because it meant I got to leave the house.


Since having Preston I've really started getting over my disgust with bugs. No joke.

The other day I was picking worms up (with a pine needle, I haven't completely lost my mind) out of the street because it had rained and Preston was worried that they would get hit by a car. Never thought I'd be able to say that before.

And this morning when I woke up and found a rolly polly in Brad's bathroom I didn't freak out. I didn't even kill it. I got excited about how Preston would react when I showed it to him. And then when we couldn't find it when I went to show him. I was more upset that I couldn't find it to show Preston than I was that we had a runaway rolly polly in our house. Then when I did find it I got Preston out of bed to show him before saving it's life and tossing it outside.

Seriously, who am I?!


Me and Brad have been using separate bathrooms for the last couple of weeks. It was been amazing. One of the best things we accidentally ended up doing. I don't get irritated when he leaves his work clothes on the floor or when he doesn't pick up his towel or dry the floor. He just uses his bathroom and I don't have to deal with it. His bathroom also happens to be the bathroom that is less available for people who come to our house, so if it's trashed it doesn't drive me completely insane. And I use my bathroom and can keep it clean. And if it is dirty I know that it's my fault which makes cleaning it up seem so much easier.


My maid came back! Ha! More like I realized that I never actually had a maid and got off my butt and cleaned up the messes all over the house!


I'm watching the Grey's Anatomy musical episode and while I'm not really loving it I am loving the songs they're singing. I love the episodes that they originally came from and that some of those were my favorites. Like when Meredith is choosing between Derek and the vet. Or when Meredith and Derek finally hook up at the hospital after breaking up when Addison shows up, I love that song and scene! Makes me want to watch all the old episodes...again!


I've been reading Preston stories from his Children's Bible every night at bedtime. I wasn't sure if he was actually enjoying it or paying attention and then tonight when I grabbed a Thomas book and told him we were going to read that one and he checked to make sure that we were going to read from the bible and reminded me not to forget. It kind of made my night to know that he's enjoying the stories!


My Mom, two of my sisters, and my nephew are flying to California on Saturday to visit family and I'm so jealous! I wanted to go so bad. But they're flying and it was just too expensive to get me and Preston there. :(


Is it wrong that I bought Preston a Cadburry Egg and I just ate it?

Is it less wrong if I buy him a new one tomorrow?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

McDonald's Play Date Gone Wrong

I am not the kind of parent who tries to pretend like their child isn't naughty.

Preston does have naughty moments. Some days more than others. He is by no means a perfect angel.

HOWEVER, when he is naughty to other children I do something about it. No matter what. Even when very rarely I do feel like his response to a situation was justified. Ahem. He gets in trouble for breaking the rules. He apologizes. I apologize. When he has been really naughty we leave. The point being that I react.

Because Preston does have naughty moments I watch him when we go places. I keep an eye on him to make sure that he doesn't get away with something just because I wasn't paying attention. I'm not trying to say that he doesn't get away with things. He does. But I do my best to make sure that he doesn't get away with all that much.

Why do I feel the need to point all of this out? Let me show you...

See those scratch marks on my child's face?

How can you possibly miss them! They were done by another child while we were playing at McDonald's!

Let me explain.

We went to play at McDonald's on Friday with a friend. The boys were playing nicely and everything was going well. Until Preston yelled down from the tubes and tunnels above that a kid wouldn't stop hitting him.

Did I mention that he yelled it? Yelled it so that everyone in the play area could hear him? Okay, just checking.

I told him not to play by the kid and he went back to playing.

Honestly, I was shocked. Not so much shocked that there was a problem in the tunnels. It happens. Kids are kids. I was shocked that instead of hitting this kid back that Preston yelled down and told me. You see we have been working really really hard with Preston that if someone does something naughty to him that does not mean he can do something naughty back to them. He is supposed to say no thank you and then if the other person doesn't stop he is supposed to tell me that there is a problem. But this is the first time that he has actually done this instead of trying to take the matter into his own hands.

So Preston goes back to playing and I go back to chatting with my friend Kelly, all the while keeping an eye on Preston playing up in the tunnels.

I notice the naughty kid going near him again and start to watch the situation only to see this little shit try to bite Preston, as he is trying to crawl out of the rocket ship because he doesn't want to play by this kid. I yell up that we don't bite in my mean voice and the kid stops and Preston and his friend, Zack, head off to play somewhere else.

By this point I'm irritated. I mean seriously, where are this kids parents?!

Moments later I realize that he's there with his Dad who is sitting one table behind us and not paying attention at all! Really? In less than five minutes his kid has attacked my child not just once but twice and he hasn't noticed at all? And it's not like this happened up in the tubes and no one heard anything. The first time Preston yelled down that someone was hitting him and this Dad apparently didn't think he should check and see if his kid was involved. The second time I actually got up and yelled at his kid and still he stayed in his seat and continued to ignore that his child was being naughty.

And this is all before I've seen Preston's face.

I wasn't even the one who noticed it at first. The boys came down to grab something to eat and Preston was sitting to my right so I couldn't even see that side of his face. Kelly pointed it out to me.

OMG, seriously people it took everything in me not to walk over to that table and tell that Dad he better start watching his kid and show him what his son had done to Preston's face. Honestly, now I wish I had. At least then the Dad would have had to do something. If he just hadn't noticed that his son was causing problems it would have been pointed out to him and if he'd thought he could just ignore that his son was being naughty he would have realized that he no longer had that option.

But I didn't. Instead I fumed and asked Preston if he was okay and when he told me that he was I once again told him to stay away from the naughty little boy.

Did it end there? Nope.

Not much later Zack started crying and I looked up just in time to see the kid running away from the scene of the crime. After Zack yelled down that the kid wouldn't stop hitting him, Kelly told him that the boys could either come down from the tubes or they needed to stay away from this kid. And still the Dad did nothing.

At first I thought that he really was just oblivious to the fact that his son was being naughty. But then his son, who was probably two and a half to three years old, walked over and hit a little boy who was probably all of one maybe one and a half years old on the head with his toy, WHILE HIS DAD WAS TALKING TO HIM! And still this Dad didn't get off his ass or say anything.

Are you serious!?

I was way beyond irritated by this point. When the boys came down and were playing by our table and the naughty kid came over and started to play by them I very loudly called out to Preston to please come play over by me because I didn't want him playing with that kid. I'm sure the Dad heard me, but I was tired of being nice. Being polite was obviously getting us nowhere.

Now I'm not trying to say that Preston has never been the naughty kid before. He has. I'm not even trying to say that this is the first time that Preston has gotten hurt while we are out playing. But this is the first time that I have really understood the importance of the parent stepping up. Watching this kid get away with being naughty to Preston infuriated me. I'm sure I would have been a little irritated even if this kid had gotten in trouble, I mean nobody likes to see their child get hurt. But I do understand that kids aren't always perfect little angels, Preston isn't so I wouldn't expect other kids to be. But it's a whole different story to watch a child act and behave however they want while their parent sits on their ass and does nothing.

By the time we left I was completely torn. I was so proud of Preston for doing exactly what I have been working so hard on teaching him. Rather than taking the problem into his own hands he told the kid no thank you and when the problem continued he told me. He did exactly what he was supposed to do. BUT part of me, a part of me that got bigger and bigger the longer we sat in the play area and the longer that this kid continued to get away with being naughty, wanted to tell Preston to hit the little shit back. Preston was bigger and he wasn't up in those tubes alone, he was with Zack who was also bigger than this kid. They totally could have taken him. I know that sounds awful but really that's how I felt. It just didn't seem fair that this kid was getting away with hitting and biting my son and that Preston was doing nothing in return because he was following the rules.

Since, I've been telling myself that at least we both learned a lesson. Preston learned about following the rules. And that sometimes it sucks to follow the rules but he proved that he can actually do what he's supposed to do even when I'm not there to remind him. I learned just how important parent participation is when your child is being naughty to another child. It makes a big difference to know that the other parent is doing something to put an end to it. I also learned that next time I really am going to say something. It is completely unacceptable for a child to get away with this kind of behavior and really if my son were the one tormenting other kids I would want to know.

And to think we only went to McDonald's that day for lunch and the superhero toy in the Happy Meal!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Say What Preston?!

I've just hand Preston his cup.

Preston: "Juice!?!!"

Me: "Nope baby, it's water. It's dark outside that means it's water time."

Preston: "Mama, after I drink all my juice then I can have a little bit of juice."

My little negotiater.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Scrub It

We make Preston earn his keep around here! Ha!

In reality I have to fight with him over the toilet brush. I'm not even kidding when he sees that I'm about to start cleaning the bathrooms he stops whatever he is doing and comes in to wait for the toilet cleaning to begin and then insists that he HAS to have a turn! Oh, how he's going to regret this when he gets older and I MAKE him scrub the toilets!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last Week Vs This Week

Last week we were playing at the park with friends and enjoying the sunshine...

This week we have colds and it's rainy out.

Boo. Can I go back to last week now?

Friday, March 25, 2011

So Pretty

While Madison was in town, I realized that Preston's hair was long enough to hold one of her big headband flower clips. Immediately after putting it on Preston had some thing to say about it.

"I'm a gurl-il now. I'm pretty."

It was hilarious. But it took some serious work to convince Preston that just putting a flower in his hair did not make him a girl! Ooooops! Looks like we won't be doing that again.

No matter how pretty he was! Ha!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Think I'm Holding Him Back

Time for a big boy bed update!

The great news though is that bedtime has gotten so much better and easier with him in his own room. We have actually been consistently sticking with our bedtime routine where before it was hit or miss. And now that he doesn't have a million distractions and he has some space to read or play quietly I can actually put him in his bed at bedtime and he stays there until he falls asleep, which means that I'm getting some time to myself at the end of the day! That part of the big boy bed is working out amazingly!

The good news is that Preston has been sleeping in his own room and in his big boy bed since we got it all set up! Happy dance!

The not so great news is that I've been sleeping in there too! Eeek!

I knew that I was going to end up in Preston's room when we were transitioning him into a bed in his own room. What I didn't realize was that I might have more of a problem with Preston being in his own room than he does!

Oh yes, I am the one who can't seem to handle Preston being on his own in his room.

I've tried sleeping in my room a couple of times but somehow end up back in his room at some point in the middle of the night. I'm like the little kid in this situation! Ha!

In my defense, I end up back in his bed because he starts cluster waking and after getting up several times I finally just throw in the towel and grab my pillow and climb in bed with him so we haven't actually made it a full night with him in there all by himself.

I think I've mentioned before that Preston will throw out his arm or move his leg when he's sleeping and as long as he hits or kicks me or Brad and knows we're there he goes right back to sleep without even fully waking up. This has become a problem when we're trying to get him to sleep by himself. Hence the cluster waking. He wakes up and cries out and I go into his room and tell him it's all okay and he goes back to sleep, then a few minutes (if that) later it happens all over again. Which leads to me climbing into bed with him only hours after I climbed into my own bed for the night.

Not that we've tried him sleeping on his own all that many times. I've only attempted to let him sleep on his own in his room two maybe three times. I know, pathetic! Even more pathetic, you should have seen me the first time. I had our baby monitor on and laid there staring at the screen watching to make sure everything was okay. How everything wouldn't be okay when he's just down the hall and he's already asleep I have no idea, but just in case rest assured that I am watching.

I knew getting him to sleep in his own bed in his own room after co-sleeping for three and a half years wouldn't be easy but who knew I'd be the one holding up the train?

Even funnier, co-sleeping wasn't my idea when Preston was all of a couple weeks old. It was Brad's and I was very adamantly against it. How ironic that now I'm the one who can't seem to put an end to it.

We'll get there...someday. There can't possibly be enough room in a full size bed for both of us when he's a teenager. Ha! I'm totally kidding. Now that Preston seems to have this whole sleeping in his room and bed thing down it's time for me to rip the band aid off and have him start sleeping in there by himself all night.

Starting tonight tomorrow.

iPad Fever

Can you tell they're cousins?

If not just by the way they look by the fact that they are both technology addicts?!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some Hand Holding

We took a road trip, okay it was more of a trip to the valley, with my sister and Mason last week. And Mason desperately wanted to hold Preston's hand. And of course Preston was refusing to hold his hand. My sister tried to convince Mason to hold her hand instead but he would just slap it away and reach for Preston's again. Finally Preston announced he would hold Mason's hand. Oh the excitement. Mason stopped screaming instantly and was perfectly content the rest of the ride. I love how close these two little monsters are!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This Last Weekend

We had a crazy busy weekend. I can't even remember the last time that we had so much going on in two days, or mostly just on Saturday. It was exhausting and so much fun. But seriously so exhausting that it has literally taken a couple of days to recover and rest up!

It all got started with Preston's buddy Boone's third birthday party Saturday morning. It was at a mini golf/arcade/fun center. We could barely keep up with Preston he was so excited to check everything out. He was horrible about staying still long enough for cake and presents. And once we released him into the arcade he had a blast. Especially on the motorcycle ride, he played that one like four times in a row!

From Boone's party we went to my MIL's house. Brad's little sister was in town for prom and me, Jen, and Madison were heading down to meet up with her while she was getting her hair and make-up done. Even better Caelan had no idea that Jen and Madison were in town and was completely surprised!

Watching Caelan get all done up for prom was so much fun. And really made me wish that I had a reason to get my hair and make-up done and put on my big fancy dress. I've decided next year I'm going to chaperone, then I can be all prettied up too! HA! I'm sure Caelan would just LOVE that!

And she seriously looked fabulous. Absolutely gorgeous! Of course after we surprised her at the mall we followed them back to their hotel room so that we could see her in her dress. I'm not kidding people she looked awesome!

We had to rush back to Tammy's to pick up Brad and Preston and get me home in time for my sister to pick me up. Our company's office manager was turning 50 and her party was that night! Of course Jessie pulled into our driveway to pick me up not even five minutes after I got home and I was not ready to go at all. I ran out to tell her I needed a few more minutes and then bought myself even more time by bringing Mason into the house with me to play with Preston.

After dropping Mason off at his Grandma's house we were on our way to PARTY! Or course we were way early. As in I could have actually gotten ready in my house instead of in my sister's car. No big deal or anything, I loved having to wait until she stopped to put on my eyeliner or mascara. You know except I didn't!

Daisy's party was an absolute blast! She went all out and rented out room at a local venue with a bartender and a buffet and a DJ. I can't even begin to explain how much fun we all had! But I can attempt to show you some of it in pictures.

Sunday I miraculously managed to wake up with virtually no hangover, SCORE! I'm thinking it had something to do with switching over to water at 11pm and taking some Tylenol before bed. This is amazing because I always end up with a hangover, even if I only have a couple of drinks.

It's a good thing I didn't have a hangover too because Denise, Caelan, Jen, and Madison were all coming over to hang out before they all headed home. BOO! I hate when everyone heads home. Caelan told us that she had a fabulous time at prom and we spent a couple of hours chatting and catching up. Preston spent that couple of hours licking everyone. That was awesome. Poor Caelan took the brunt of it when I threw her under the bus and told Preston that he could only like Aunt Caelan! That's what Auntie's are for right? Then it was time for everyone to head home. :( Poor Madison didn't want to leave and begged to stay with Auntie Kim forever, but she eventually realized that even though she loved me sooooo much she would miss Mommy so she opted to head home too. Well she didn't actually say any of that being that she's only five months old but I know she was thinking it!

Everyone left and we watched movies the rest of the day. Or more accurately I took a nap and Brad and Preston played on the iPad while movies played in the background.

The end.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shouldn't He Have Come With A Manual?

I have to share what Preston's been up to.


Oh yes, that's right we are working on writing our letters! I'm thinking we're going to start with the letters in his name and then move on from there. But seriously check out his skill! I drew the dots and he followed them and did such a great job! Especially considering that this is his first time writing "P". My baby is growing up!

But the fun doesn't stop there!

Preston is also drawing people. Oh yes. Not just any people, me and Brad!

Didn't he do a great job? Doesn't that look like us?

Funny story...while he was drawing me and Brad he told me that he was drawing Daddy and that he was drawing Daddy's hair. And he had to draw lots of hair because Daddy has lots of hair. I almost died. If you know Brad or pay close attention to the pictures I've put up of him you know that Brad does not have a lot of hair, that in fact he is losing his hair! We joke about it all the time. I was trying to hard not to laugh because Preston was so proud of himself, but it was hilarious.

Preston's latest two things lead me to the title of this post. Am I the only one out there who sometimes feels like they are holding their child back because they don't know what they are doing?! Seriously. I just feel completely uncertain of when I should start teaching Preston something or really be focusing on something. I have no idea when he is actually ready for something and a lot of the time I feel like because I don't know when he is ready to learn things I'm holding him back. I didn't even realize that he might be ready to start learning to write his letters until I saw that other kids his age were already doing it.

Or Preston doesn't like to draw. He's just not one of those kids that will sit at the table with arts and crafts for very long. And I'm constantly wondering if that is because I'm not very creative so maybe I don't pull out the arts and crafts often enough. Or maybe Preston really just isn't into arts and crafts because he is into a lot of other things and really he's just more of an active child.

So while I am sooo very proud of my little man for the things that he's been up to, I still have that little voice in the back of my head that wonders if he could have been doing this sooner if only I had started working on it with him before now.

Parenting the never ending game of second guessing yourself. I can't possibly be the only one right?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thoughts On Thursday

It's St Patrick's Day! And I completely forgot to take a picture of Preston in his green until I was getting him dressed for bed! Ooops! But when I remembered I ran up and grabbed my camera and snapped one! He looks so cute in green!


We picked my SIL and my niece up tonight from the airport! I soooo wished they lived closer! I'm terrified that Madison isn't going to know who we are. :( I was prepared for it tonight when I was waiting for them, but she was all smiles and totally didn't mind when I snagged her and refused to put her back down. Seriously how cute is she?!


I finally thought I had my laundry all caught up and under control, as in EVERYTHING in the house is clean and then yesterday Brad brought a ton of work sweatshirts and such into the house from I don't even know where. Now I'm behind again. Boo!


Last week I had a girl's night with my Mom and all of my sister's. I don't know that we have ever all gone to dinner just us girls before. It was so much fun! I've decided we should do it more often!


I've also decided that I would like to create a rule that all of our family members, with a select few not included, should have to live within 30 minutes of me. No exceptions. If you would like to move further away you have to request it and I can deny it for any reason I see fit. This also applies to any family who currently doesn't live within 30 minutes. And if we move everyone has to come too. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. How awesome would that be? Pretty sure they wouldn't all go for it but still a girl can dream right?


I have become addicted to Words With Friends. Addicted. It is so much fun! What's funny about this is that I don't like playing Scrabble. But for some reason I love Words With Friends? I'm thinking I might have to give Scrabble a try the next time my Mom asks me to play.


I watched Mason on Monday and holy hilarious. Every time that Preston sat on my lap or sat near me, Mason had to sit on my lap or next to me too! It was so freaking funny. Of course Preston wasn't loving it. Either Mason would try to take over my whole lap or Preston would and then the pushing would begin. But still, I got a kick out of it. And I'm not going to lie, I loved that both boys think I'm so awesome that they don't want to share me! (Don't even think about bursting my bubble!)


It's late and I'm tired. The end.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...Kind Of

The sun has been popping in here and there the last couple of weeks, can you tell we're hoping it sticks around for a long while?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow

You may have noticed in some of the photos that I've posted of Preston recently that he's been sporting a fauxhawk. Totally adorable right?

We'd finally decided to grow his hair out so that we could style it. And let me tell you, I didn't think I was going to have as much fun as I was having doing his hair every morning. I was loving it.

Only problem was he desperately needed a hair cut. The sides and the back were getting way too long and starting to stand up all over the place. It was so not part of the new look Preston was rocking.

I took him into Great Clips to have it trimmed up. I figured he needed something simple and really how could they butcher something so simple, they must do millions of men's hair cuts a year.

The good news? Preston sat like a very big boy through his hair cut. There was a moment right after he sat down in the chair that things could have gone downhill quickly, but that moment passed as soon as I pointed out that his cape looked just like Batman's. Once that was pointed out Preston was more than willing to sit in that chair while the lady cut his hair. Hello people Batman is a Superhero, of course he helped me get Preston's hair cut. That's what Superhero's do, they help people!

But the good news didn't just stop there. Oh no. I also found a new product for Preston's hair. We had been using wax to style his hair, but he hated it because the wax pulled on his hair if it wasn't put on just the right way. It was a serious drag. But the lady who cut his hair introduced me to something that was a mix between a wax and a gel. Much easier to use and much less painful for Preston. Score!

The bad news? She butchered his hair. Killed it. Of course since she did his hair before we left it wasn't obvious to me until the next day. But once I noticed it, I couldn't stop staring at it. It was horrible. She didn't fade into the sides so his hair was all choppy on the sides and in the back and it just looked ridiculous.

Did I take him back in to get it fixed?


This is where the story just continues to go downhill. I for some reason decided that this was something I could fix. You know it must have been all the beauty school I attended that made me think that. Oh wait, I didn't attend beauty school. I completely forgot about that detail.

So I took Preston's already butchered hair cut and I went ahead and butchered it some more. You know just in case there was any chance of bringing it back to life, I went ahead and made sure that it was completely dead. Like the kind of dead you can't come back from.

Then I waited a day.

A day of deciding what to do about it. I thought about taking him back in and seeing if there was any way that a professional could save what I had completely massacred. I should point out that I planned on taking him somewhere other than Great Clips, they were dead to me after that first cut.

Finally I just lost it and decided that there was no way that this could be saved. And then I pulled out the buzzers and Preston went back to having hair that can't be styled.

We're now back to growing it out again. Because he just looked so freaking cute in his little fauxhawk!

Lesson learned, next time Preston needs a hair cut I'm taking him to someone who actually knows that they are doing.

Poor kid! It's a good thing he's cute and can pull of either look!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Brad started the weekend out with a bang by waiting in line at Best Buy on Friday to get one of the new iPads. About a month ago he sold his laptop so that he could replace it with an iPad. I called him crazy since he had a full blown laptop but he swore up and down that he wouldn't regret it. Plus he reminded me that if he needed an actual computer he could use the desktop in the basement. Honestly as long as he wasn't planning on using my laptop I was good with him having an iPad instead of a laptop.

Neither one of us were counting on Preston being the most excited about Brad's new toy! They fought over it all weekend. Poor Brad. I think at first he thought it was cute that Preston was so into the iPad, but now he just wants to be able to play with it by himself! I'm loving that Preston's obsession with the newest piece of technology in our house means that I haven't had to share my phone. Score for me!

Saturday we headed down to the Saint Patrick's Day parade to meet up with some friends. It was a little chilly so I wasn't sure if it was going to be fun or just cold. But we lucked out and it warmed up so we could fully enjoy the excitement of the parade.

Preston and his buddy Zeke took some time to catch on to the fact that they were throwing candy. And they could in fact eat it. It was hilarious. It was the adults begging for candy instead of the two and three year old. Luckily they did catch on to the good stuff being thrown by the people in the parade.

Preston got a kick out of this car with the clown police officer and bad guy in the back and asked me why the guy was in a cage. Seeing a moment to teach him that he better listen, I told him that the guy must not have listened to his Mommy. Preston informed me that I was incorrect and that the guy was in the cage for pooping on the floor! Good thing we didn't have a cage at home back when we were potty training!

Preston did get tired by the end of it all. He was ready to leave and was too tired to even stand. He is at this horrible stage of being almost big enough to walk everywhere and still small enough to need the stroller. Which means we eitehr bring the stroller and drag it around or carry him when he gets tired.

Lucky me Brad was the one who got to hold him when he got tired towards the end of the parade. He was also the one who got to carry him when Preston was just too worn out to walk the whole way back to the car! I've decided it was a well earned break for me! Ha!

After the parade we headed back towards home to grab some lunch. I wanted Olive Garden and thought that we'd get in faster at the one closer to home instead of the one downtown, I figured everyone from the parade would end up down at that one. I figured wrong. Apparently I wasn't the only one with that idea as Olive Garden was packed. Preston voted on Red Robin so we ended up there. You'd think that since he got to choose the restaurant he would have been an angel. HA! Not only was he a ball of energy but he also took his shoes AND socks off. Seriously! Every time I start to think he's doing better at restaurants he proves me wrong!

Sunday was spent around the house. I cleaned up inside and Brad and Preston raked outside since the sun decided to make an appearance. Seriously people our outside thermometer said it got up to 60 degrees on Sunday! I can't even explain how happy that makes me! Brad and I ended the night watching The Social Network. Holy crap, I didn't realize all the drama that went on with the creation of Facebook! While some of it just seemed like people trying to make a quick buck (excuse me rich twins), I didn't realize that Mark Zuckerberg was such a shit head and horrible friend! It was kind of sad.

I hope we aren't the only ones who had a great weekend!