Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thoughts On Thursday

I totally slipped and fell in front of Target yesterday while holding Preston. It was snowing and slick and one minute I was walking and the next I was on my ass. My feet literally flew out from under me. It all happened so fast I didn't even know how to react. Even worse there were people all over the place! Seriously. It was mortifying. And my ass hurt! Plus poor Preston fell with me. Poor kid was holding a bubbles set that my sister had just bought him and the plastic scratched his face. So now he looks like a little bad ass.

So Preston looks like a bad ass and my ass hurts. Otherwise we are both just fine.

I'm hoping that one day I'll get over my embarrassment and be able to go back to Target. Who am I kidding, we love Target and won't be away for that long.


My maid has apparently quit. Or gone on strike. Either way she hasn't been around lately. Which means my house is trashed. Not dirty, TRASHED! I'm pretty sure it's wrong to live in this kind of filth. I really hope she comes back soon.


I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick. I've got this tickle in my throat and it's a little sore. Plus I slept like crap last night. Which for me usually means that I'm about to get sick. Blah.


I should preface this with I'm not pregnant. I repeat I am NOT pregnant. But I just spent the last forty-five minutes or so looking up fun ways to announce a pregnancy. There are some seriously lame ones out there, but I have found a couple that I think are really cute! I'm going to go ahead and bookmark those so that when we need to use one of them in oh two years I'll just have to pull them back up. Go ahead, you can laugh now.


I need to file my taxes. They are practically done, but I still have a couple last minute things to check on and go through. I hate taxes. But for some reason I like getting everything together. It's putting it all into Turbo Tax and then filing that I don't really love all that much.


Preston has been a terror the last few weeks! An absolute terror. I do not know what is going on. But he is hitting, kicking, biting, screaming, throwing temper tantrums about every thing and just overall not listening. I am about to lose my mind. Or what's left of it.

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Eve Suhling said...

So many stages, Ruby has gone through that too! So far 4 is looking a bit mellower, so thankful! Sorry you fell, glad you are both okay!