Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thoughts On Thursday

I've had my nephew all this week, did you know that two kids is way harder than just one? Or maybe it's just because I don't usually have two kids and now all of a sudden this last week I have had two kids. Seriously, people it's work! I am exhausted! It's a good thing I love both of these little boys so much, otherwise I might just throw in the towel! Ha!


I did get my hair cut about two weeks ago. Thank goodness, otherwise I might not be pretty anymore!


Preston just told me that apparently there are two ways to say "I love you". And I just told him the mean way. Which was probably more of what I would consider the tired way. But Preston obviously considered the mean way. He then showed me the wrong mean way to say it and the right nice way to say it. "Otay Mommy?" That's the first time I've ever been told I said I love you wrong!


Today started out as a great day and somehow turned into a crap day before I knew it. Blah! What the hell? I do not get how that one happened. I blame the world. Just sayin'.


I have become hooked on One Born Every Minute on Lifetime. It's a reality show set in a hospital on the labor and delivery floor. It is so good. So good. And it makes me cry almost every episode. But the good kind of crying.

Actually it's kind of funny, when I was pregnant with Preston my Lamaze teacher warned us in the first class that she was going to cry every single time she played a birth video and she did and I thought she was crazy. Now babies being born make me cry! How's that for karma?


I get to have a girl's night Saturday night. I am so looking forward to it! I'm doing dinner, drinks, and a movie with two friends that I haven't had a girl's night with in more months than I can even remember!


I'm behind on my laundry. Only I'm not. It's clean. But it's just sitting downstairs on the spare bed waiting to be folded and put away. I don't see that happening anytime soon.


I went to dinner with my Mom last night and afterwards when she dropped me back off at home she waited for me to get all the way inside my house before she left. She used to do that when I was younger and she had to drive me everywhere. For some reason I think it is just so cute that even though I'm an adult she still does it.


I need to go to bed now. Like right now. Because I am soooo tired!


Kelly said...

Thanks, I was going to go to bed until I read this. Now I have to go watch the newest episode.

What else happened today?! We loved hanging out with ya!

Yankee Girl said...

If it makes you feel better I have 3 laundry baskets full of clean clothes in my living room. They have been there for 5 days and they will probably remain there until I have picked through all of it and nothing clean remains.

Aleta said...

Wow - that was a lot of emotion packed into one post!

I'm glad you have a girl's night planned. It's good to do :)