Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Girl's Night Out

I mentioned that I had a girl's night coming up! And on Saturday a girl's night I had!

We didn't make it to the movie, but we did do dinner and drinks. Well some of us did dinner and drinks and one of us only had dinner. Something about not being able to drink while you're pregnant?! lol. Which worked out in mine and Courtney's favor when Kait awesomely offered to be our designated driver!

Of course by the time I pulled out my camera I'd already had a few drinks. What? It happens!

The first picture took forever. Forever. I seriously don't know what was up, if it was my camera just being pissy or if I wasn't pushing the button down far enough (Hey I already admitted I'd had a few drinks by this point!). But you can totally tell that it took forever just by looking at it. OMG, the hilariousness!

Of course after I saw it and laughed about it, I insisted that we take another much better one. Fortunately it was a long stop light!

We didn't make it to the movie because we opted to visit the bar at Chili's for another drink or two instead. Funny story there. Me and Courtney ordered presidente margaritas. Then the bartender put our glasses down and walked away. We sat there for a few minutes, wondering what the heck he was doing. Where was the drink part of our drink? Oh wait! He'd also set down shakers but since neither one of us had ever actually had a presidente we didn't realize our drink was in the shakers and we were supposed to pour it ourselves! I only realized this after remembering Brad having ordered the drink before while I was with him. Seriously do you have any idea how stupid we would have felt if we'd told the bartender that he only brought us our glasses and forgot our drinks?!

We finished the night up at Courtney's house. Where somehow coming in to use the bathroom turned into hanging out for a while. An even longer while for me when Kait headed home and I stayed to drink and chat, and hopefully didn't overstay my welcome! Big thanks to Courtney for sparing her husband Josh so that he could give me a ride home and to Josh for the ride home, that would have been a long and cold walk!

Thanks for the night out ladies! I really needed it!

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