Monday, February 21, 2011

Fun At Chuck E Cheese

We went to Chuck E Cheese today. I know, surprise! We never hang out there.

Although today was different, it was my Mom's idea to go. And it wasn't just us. My little sister's Shannon and Marrissa came and my brother did too! It was practically a family affair. Especially when Brad ended up coming too. He was supposed to go back to work today (HAPPY dance), but when he got down there this morning they told him to come back tomorrow and they'd go from there. Blah, that was a short lived happy dance. On the positive side at least that meant he got to come to Chuck E Cheese with us.

We spent the afternoon there playing and racing around and wading through the crowd. Today being President's Day meant that there was no school which meant that Chuck E Cheese was almost as crowded as it is on a weekend!

Preston seemed a little overwhelmed by all of the people at Chuck E Cheese since it's usually pretty empty when we go in, but he got over it pretty quickly. Plus he loved that Daddy was there to play all the boy games with him. And Brad had the brilliant idea of letting him stand on a high chair so he could reach a couple of them!

Mason loved playing too! He really loves playing skeet ball, especially after I taught him how to win! Ha!

Preston loved having Mason watch him play some of the games, which worked out really well because Mason loved watching Preston play some of the games!

And no trip to Chuck E Cheese is complete without some time in the Chuck E Cheese photo booth!

In fact while I'm thinking about it, I have a question. Is it a bad thing when you kind of "know" the people that work at Chuck E Cheese? I mean know like they know what you typically order for lunch when you come in. Or that if one of them is working the door when we come in they no longer ask us the standard, "Are you here to celebrate a birthday party?" question because they know we're just there to play. Or that today one of my favorite Chuck E Cheese employees asked me if I'd recently gotten my hair cut. And another one asked me what I was thinking coming in on a holiday that all the kids were out of school and then asked me what we thought of the new games they'd gotten since the last time we were in. That kind of know. I'm not sure, does that mean we're there too much?! Actually scratch that, I don't care if we're there too much! We love Chuck E Cheese and their employees and that's that!

Thanks Mom for inviting us and treating us!

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