Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blah Weekend

I'm sick. I seem to have caught a cold and I'm feeling very whiny because of it.

I don't want to get dressed. I don't want to climb out of bed. I don't want to clean anything up. Mostly I just don't want to be sick.

Poor Preston has been stuck in the house with me because of it. We didn't leave the house all day Friday or Saturday. And we only left the house today to pick me up some more Sudafed.

Oh and to run down and order the rest of Preston's big boy bed. We ordered the mattress over a month ago, but kept needing to run down to order the frame. So tomorrow if we make it down to pick it all up, Preston will have a big boy bed. You know after we put it together. At least his bedroom will have a big boy bed because Preston seems to see no reason to sleep anywhere except our bedroom.

We also ended up buying two more chairs for our dining room table. We always seem to be short chairs whenever anyone is here and I was just sick of dealing with it so we picked two out while we were at the furniture store. They don't match perfectly, but really I don't care because the table and chairs we already have are taking a serious beating from Preston and eventually I want to replace the whole set. Eventually meaning a long time from now when Preston won't trash the next set.

On Friday while I was moping around the house, Preston kept wanting to snuggle up with me. I kept telling him that he couldn't lay right next to me on the couch because I was sick. He kept telling me that he either wanted to be sick too or that he was already sick. Poor kid just wanted to snuggle. Luckily he ended up finally agreeing that laying on the other part of the couch with our heads near each other would work. And then even luckier, he fell asleep!

I for some reason decided to watch John Q tonight. Why, I have no idea? It is just so sad! If you need to cry this is the movie for you.

We were supposed to be in Coulee City this weekend. I was supposed to get to see my niece! And I'm seriously bummed that it didn't work out. I haven't seen her since Christmas! Do you know how big she has gotten since then? But then again, with me being sick and all I guess it's a good thing our trip got cancelled.

Somehow this is just all over the place. I blame the cold medicine.

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Kelly said...

Bummer! Hope you feel better soon, you've got 10 days...

My mom and I watched the Notebook on Friday night, another sad one. I love a good cry now and then though.