Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Manipulated By Mommy

I learned a lovely new trick recently. One that comes in very handy. One that I forgot all about until tonight. I've attempted it twice so far and both times I've had great results.

The first was on Christmas. Preston was racing around and hanging out with everyone but me. He was playing games on people's phones, playing with his new toys, and just bouncing around the house. All the while I just wanted a little hug. From my son. You know the one I endured seventeen and a half hours of labor for. But he was just too busy for me.

*Cue light bulb.*

I began to cry. Well fake cry, but I was very believable. Very believable. What can I say I have a talent for the dramatics.

Preston instantly snapped to attention and ran over very concerned.

"It's otay Mommy. It's otay. I love you. I'll sit with you. Mommy I loooooove you. It's OTAY!"

It was hilarious. And so freaking adorable. I had never thought to use fake crying. We used to do it to my littlest sister when she was Preston's age, but I'd forgotten all about it.

I was curious as to whether or not this was a one time deal, so I just had to try it out again.

We were at my MIL's house and she gave Preston a pack of fruit snacks and it just so happens that I like fruit snacks too, I mean who doesn't. So I very nicely asked him for one. And got shut down. He didn't even think about, it was just an instant no. Obviously Preston likes him some fruit snacks too.

And then I started "crying". Preston instantly snapped to attention again. And all of a sudden was more than willing to share his precious fruit snacks.

"Mommy, it's otay. Don't cry Mommy. MOMMY! It's otay."

Lucky for him Gigi grabbed everyone else a pack so he ended up not having to share his. But it's the fact that he was willing to that counts!

Now that I've got this fantastic new ploy up my sleeve Preston better watch out because it really seems to be a winner! I wonder how long I've got before he figures me out. Here's hoping I've got a new one by then!

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