Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cousin To Cousin

I've been watching my nephew on Thursdays for the last couple of weeks. Preston is loving it so far because Mason comes over to play at least once a week guaranteed. Of course when you get the two of them together things worth remembering are bound to happen.

For example, last week...

I was getting ready in the bathroom while Preston and Mason played. I stepped out to see what they were up to just in time to see Preston crash his car into Mason's feet and Mason fall...right at the top of the stairs.

I almost had a heart attack! Mason fell so close to the top of the stairs that if he'd been walking a couple of inches over he might have actually fallen DOWN the stairs. When I got over my initial panic, I was furious.

Preston got into big trouble and was informed that he absolutely had to be more careful and that baby Mason could have fallen down the stairs and that we have to be more careful around Mason because he is smaller. And that the top of the stairs is dangerous, so we have to be especially more careful there. Then his car got taken away.

Preston just sat there and didn't say a word while he got in trouble and then I took Mason into the bathroom with me. Obviously Mason very quickly got bored of me and wanted to get back to Preston. So out of the bathroom we went. Preston was still sitting in the exact same spot and when I walked out I told him again that he had to be careful and that he was Mason's big cousin and it was his job to protect him not hurt him. Then both boys wandered back into the living room to play.

I was listening to them when I heard Preston start talking.

"Mase...I love you. (Deep sigh)"

Then he started whispering as if he was telling Mason something very important as they walked into the dining room together. He was being so quiet that I had to walk closer and listen very carefully to hear what he was saying.

"You gots to be more careful. It's dangerous by the stairs and you coulda gotten hurt Mase. You just gots to be more careful."

It was so freaking cute. Preston never tells Mason that he loves him. And I have never heard him give Mason a big cousin to little cousin talking to like that. Especially one that he obviously didn't mean for anyone to overhear. It was their own private talk. Well almost their own private talk since I was eavesdropping.

I have a feeling these two are going to be quite the little set of buddies as they get older. It makes me so happy to know that even though Preston doesn't have any siblings right now he's got Mason!

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Holly said...

That's so freaking cute Kim!