Friday, January 14, 2011

Cousin Photos!

I promised photos of my monkey and his cousins from Christmas and I'm here to deliver!

First, look at how cute Miss Madison looked in her Christmas outfit?

Seriously I look at that picture and I can hear my uterus screaming that it's time to start trying for a little girl. Then we'll have a perfect pair!

I actually managed to capture a good one of Preston and Madison! I was very impressed! Of course I had to promise Preston chocolate to get him to pay attention and hold Madison and sit still long enough to snap a couple of photos. It's rough being three and having a Mommy who wants to take your picture when you have all those brand new Christmas presents to play with!

Then we tried to get one of Preston, Mason, and Madison. That didn't go so well. Mason wouldn't look at the camera because he was so fascinated with Madison. Madison was not thrilled about being the object of Mason's attention and was just plain old done being held by someone not that much bigger than her. Preston was just hanging around for the chocolate.

I promised Preston one more piece of chocolate and got him to sit still just a little longer so I could snap a photo of him and Mason together. Not bad huh? We're getting better at this!

Now I just have to figure out where to put all of these photos up in the house! Sometimes it's rough having a cute son, nephew, and niece...I'm starting to run out of wall space!

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