Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cell Phones And Toilets Don't Mix

I mentioned that Preston had been causing some issues in the bathroom, but we had no idea Preston was about to take the naughty in the bathroom to a whole new level. Okay this next one was an accident, but still it was naughty and it's the worse one yet.

On Saturday Preston was playing with my phone, as he often does, and left the room to go potty. He plays with my phone so often that I really don't even notice that he's doing it anymore. He'd originally wanted to play with Brad's phone but Brad was using it so he pawned mine off on him.

He was bouncing around the house and was in and out of the living room, where me and Brad were sitting, before going into the playroom and then the bathroom.

After using the bathroom Preston walks out, holding my phone and both my phone and his hands are soaking wet.

Cue me starting to freak out.

I asked him what happened and why my phone was wet and he informed me that my phone had fallen in the toilet! He then went on to tell me that my phone fell into the toilet while he was peeing but that he couldn't grab it out right away because umm duh there was pee in the toilet. So he FLUSHED the toilet and grabbed my phone after the pee went away.

Oh yes, as if dropping my phone into the toilet wasn't bad enough there was also pee in there. And if having a phone my phone float in a toilet full of pee wasn't bad enough, Preston just had to flush the toilet.

Miraculously enough my phone not only didn't go down the toilet when Preston flushed it, but it was also still on when he brought it to me.

I spent the rest of the night freaking out that my phone was dead. And informing my husband that if it was in fact dead I was going to buy a new one. Or yelling at everyone in the house about anything and everything. I was attempting to distract myself from the fact that my phone was most definitely probably a goner and doing a horrible job of it. I just couldn't stop thinking about how much a new one was going to cost.

I also kept having to turn the damn thing back off, since it kept turning itself back on for some reason. The final time I shut it off everything was working with the exception of the speakers. And I needed those damn speakers!

Fortunately for my sanity and our checking account, when I turned my phone back on Sunday morning everything worked. It was like nothing had even happened.

Well almost like nothing had happened, Preston is no longer allowed to leave the room with my phone. I'm pretty sure you only get one free pass on the phone in the toilet full of pee card.

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