Monday, January 10, 2011

Bathroom Incidence...Or Incidences

Oh yes, you read that right. We've been having some bathroom problems around here lately. No not those kinds of bathroom problems. Ewww!

Let me explain a little, Preston goes potty by himself and when he goes potty potty he likes a little bit of privacy. Can't say I blame him. This privacy usually involves a closed door. We respect Preston's privacy in the bathroom, so when he goes in there and closes the door we typically don't think much of it.

Or at least we typically didn't used to think much of it.

First Preston gave Monti, our poor cat, a bath in the sink. There was water everywhere and half of Monti was soaked. We felt bad and Preston got in trouble.

Then Preston gave Monti a the toilet! Gross! Poor Monti! Poor poor Monti. He took it like a trooper and was even willing to part with no hard feelings towards Preston.

Apparently Preston decided that Monti must be feeling a little dry after all of those baths he was getting, so Preston locked himself and Monti in the bathroom and covered Monti, himself, and the bathroom in lotion. It was everywhere! EVERYWHERE! Brad and I both raced in after hearing Preston laughing hysterically. We actually had to give Monti a bath in the kitchen sink after this one it was so bad.

Oh no, it doesn't end there. I was taking a bath the other night and turned and wasn't paying even attention I guess because all of a sudden Monti was in the bathtub with me. And Preston was standing there laughing. Poor Monti couldn't even jump out right away because he was soaked, so he had to wait for Brad to come and grab him a towel.

I swear we watch him. Really we do. Apparently though giving Preston a little bit of privacy in the bathroom really isn't such a great idea. I'm sure Monti agrees.

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Eve Suhling said...

This post was so funny Kim, but I bet it was very stressful for everyone while it was happening. Ruby loves to "cage" our poor dogs into different areas of the house by cornering them there. She also loves to put them on leashes for endless hours of the day. Totally understand what you are going through. Such a fun age!