Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving #2 2010

We celebrated our second Thanksgiving with Brad's family on Saturday. We all gathered at his Mom's house to eat and mingle and eat some more. His Aunts and Uncles came as well as his little cousins, who are two in a half so really more Preston's cousins than Brad's cousins. And the best part? Jen and Madison flew in to celebrate with us! Which meant that I got to snuggle my favorite niece and have a face to face conversation with my favorite sister in law for the first time in six whole weeks!

Do you have any idea how much Miss Madison changed in six weeks? A LOT!

While some of us mingled upstairs and snacked and ate and drank, Preston attempted to wear himself and the twins out downstairs in the bounce house.

We celebrated Brad's birthday and Preston helped him blow out some candles.

At the end of the night Preston cuddled oh so sweetly with Miss Madison. Ha! That's a lie. Preston was a total monster. He was only willing to take this picture because I promised him a CapriSun. I am soooo ready for three to be over! But forced photo or not, how cute are they?!

And then we headed home, full from another Thanksgiving get together.

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Yankee Girl said...

There was a bounce house in the basement? That sounds like a blast!

Glad to hear #2 was just as fun as #1!