Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Swim Lessons...The End

Preston finished swim lessons, oh I don't know, almost a month ago! Oops, I guess mentioning how those last two lessons went completely slipped my mind. My bad.

I'm sure it couldn't have had anything to do with...

Preston getting in trouble for giving the instructor dirty looks.

Preston telling his instructor that he didn't want to leave the wall and actually learn how to swim.

Preston being removed from the pool for refusing to stop giving his teacher mean looks.

Preston being removed from the pool for refusing to stay on the part of the wall he was told to stay on a million times by the instructor.

Preston finishing the second half of his last lesson crying on the bench next to me unwilling to get back into the pool to participate in his very last lesson.

Is it really that big of a surprise that I've neglected to talk about how swim lessons ended?

The good news is that Preston did get more comfortable in the water. And did continue to enjoy being in the water. And that I was able to stay and watch the rest of his lessons. Although, really that might not have been a good thing. Maybe lessons would have been better and Preston would have behaved more if I hadn't been there. Or at the very least I would have been able to believe that he had behaved well.

Our instructor thinks that he has a lot of work ahead of him. And that one on one lessons or lessons that involve me would be a good next step. Or we could always just opt to teach him this summer at home in our backyard. I'm not sure what sounds worse, having to teach my stubborn son to swim myself or having to pay for private lessons.

At least in most of the pictures it looks like he did just great in swim lessons!

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