Sunday, December 19, 2010

Say What Preston?!

Preston says soooo many hilarious things lately. It just seems like such a waste not to put them on the blog so I don't forget them when he's older.

Let me set the scene, this weekend he was hitting the wall in our living room with one of his toys when I told him to stop.

Preston: "Why Mama?"

Me: "Because I asked you not to and you could hurt the wall."

Preston: "Like make a hole?" (Still hitting the toy against the wall).

Me: "Yes! Stop!"

Preston: "It'll make a hole and then our whole house will fall down?"

Me: (Laughing) "Sure. It'll make the house fall down and then we won't have anywhere to live".

Preston: "We can live at Grandma's house! I want to live at Grandma's house!"

Looks like we're moving in Mom, I hope you're ready for us!

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