Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Tree Hunting

We got our Christmas tree this weekend!!

Finally. It really doesn't start to feel like Christmas until we have our tree. Funny how even though we haven't decorated it yet just having it up in the house makes me feel like Christmas is coming!

We headed up with my parents and siblings to the tree farm that we've gone to for the last couple of years.

Only this year there was SNOW! I'm not a fan of snow any other time of year except Christmas tree hunting time.

The tree farm we went to gave us a tractor driven hay ride on up to more trees. And snow. And large hills to hike up to find even more trees.

Up at almost the top of the hill we found a Christmas tree. Or rather Brad found our Christmas tree. Me and Preston attempted to make our way up the hill with the sled, with Preston refusing help and insisting on pulling the sled up the hill all on his own. This led to me having a full blown meltdown by the time I got to Brad and the tree he'd found. Said meltdown may or may not have included me telling my husband that he should stop talking to me because I didn't have anything nice to say to him. You know because that's the Christmas spirit.

Fortunately that didn't stop us from getting a Christmas tree. And Brad and Preston cut our tree down like the men they are.

Brad dragged the tree down the hill and me and Preston followed not long after. Pulling the sled behind us. Until Preston was willing to climb into the sled and let me pull him down the hill.

At the bottom of the mountain, we loaded our tree up, paid, climbed out of our snow clothes, and climbed into the heated car.

Along the way home we ran into, NOT LITERALLY, some deer. Preston was more than overjoyed. And insisted that he needed to stare at the photo on my camera, which of course led to him and Auntie Rissa having a mini photo shoot in the backseat.

A photo shoot that didn't quite end when we stopped for an early dinner at a burger joint along the way home.

Now if only the tree would decorate itself! We bought it Saturday, brought it in Sunday, and were going to decorate it tonight but didn't get to it. Tomorrow night is the new plan!

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The Butterfields said...

Love "the Christmas Spirit." We seem to have a lot of that version around my house these days!