Thursday, December 9, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Last night Preston slept in his own bed in his bedroom for the first time ever!

You see, Preston has been sleeping with us in our bed since he was only a few weeks old. That's almost three in a half years.

It usually doesn't bother me but lately it's been driving me crazy. I don't actually mind having him in our bed, but bedtime is horrible. He insists that I have to come downstairs and go to bed with him. And it has to be me not Brad. If Preston does go downstairs to go to bed with Brad, he comes back upstairs about an hour later and tells me he's tired and it's time to go to bed and then insists that I come down with him. This wouldn't be a problem but it takes him forever to fall asleep lately and I consider nighttime my time. And going to bed with him usually means that I stay downstairs and end up going to bed too. So either Preston goes to bed late or I go to bed early, which doesn't exactly work for either of us. Then since we have a TV in our room Preston wants to watch TV and whines about being told he can't watch TV or only being allowed to watch one show. Then when the whining stops he wants to play. Or he tosses and turns. Or gets in and out of bed. Or just refuses to be quiet. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

Okay, almost every single night. There are those rare nights, and they are very rare lately, that Preston just goes to sleep without a fight or an argument or millions of excuses for why he isn't tired yet or how he needs something to drink or something to eat or just has some reason not to go to bed.

If he were in his own room, this wouldn't be such an issue. Brad wouldn't be trying to go to bed too because he has to get up early. Preston could read books or entertain himself quietly until he falls asleep. I could actually leave the room and not have to go to bed at the same time as him.

Last night I'd just had it. We'd been in bed for an hour and he still wouldn't just settle down. I warned him several times that if he didn't lay down on his pillow and calm down then I was going to put him to bed in his own room. And he just kept right on not listening. Finally I just picked him, his blankie, his pillow, and his little stuffed kitties and doggy up and carried them to his bedroom.

He was not thrilled. But I was done. I was tired and PMSy and had a million things that I needed and wanted to do that didn't involve sitting next to Preston reminding him over and over again that it was bedtime. Not to mention that not having my me time at the end of the day because of what bedtime has turned into the last few weeks has not put me in a great mood by the end of the day.

I expected Preston to cry for a few minutes and then calm down and tell me he was ready for bed. At which point I would take him back to mine and Brad's bedroom and he would go straight to sleep. We've gone through this a couple of times in the last few months and this is how it always goes.

Only last night when Preston calmed down and I told him it was time to go to sleep he closed his eyes and fell asleep in his own bed in his own room. For the first time ever. Seriously, in his almost three in a half years Preston hasn't slept a single night in his bedroom.

He ended up sleeping in his bed all night. I ended up sleeping on the floor in his bedroom all night. I wasn't sure he was going to make it all night and didn't want him to wake up and freak out because he was all by himself. I also didn't want to move him back to our bedroom when he'd fallen asleep all on his own in his bedroom.

Preston woke up once and called out for me but as soon as I told him that it was okay he went back to sleep. He woke up again and sat up and looked around and when I told him I was right here he laid back down and tossed and turned for a while and eventually fell back asleep.

When he woke up this morning he was completely fine with the fact that he was still in his bedroom. I'm sure it helped that when he woke up Monti was snuggled up with him. But he'd survived his very first night in his own bed in his own room.

I'm not sure where we go from here. I'd originally planned on moving Preston into his own room after we bought him a new mattress and converted his toddler bed into his big boy bed. I didn't want him to go from sleeping in a grown up bed to sleeping in a toddler bed and then back to sleeping in a grown up bed again. I'd also wanted to replace the window in his bedroom because it's older and not sealed very well and I was worried his room would be too cold at night in the winter. But he seemed to sleep fine in his toddler bed and his room really didn't get that cold last night.

So I'm left at a loss. Preston might be ready to be a big boy and sleep in his own room and that freaks me out! I think moving him into his own bed in his own room officially means he's not my baby anymore. How did that happen?! But at the same time if Preston is ready to sleep on his own and if the transition to his own bed could be as easy as it was last night it seems downright silly to not just move him into his room now.

I guess we'll have to see how bedtime goes tonight. I think I'm going to try putting him down in his room and see how he does and go from there.

If you find me curled up in a corner laughing and crying like a crazy person, it's because he went down just fine and I'm so excited to have a much better bedtime routine but at the same time my baby is officially no longer my baby!

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Unknown said...

YAY Preston! How is it going still? Is he still in his room? There is no way I could ever have had Meredith sleep in bed with us. We just have a queen and it's tight enough already with me, Skip, and our puppy Shiba!