Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010...Out With The Old In With The New

I have been thinking back on 2010 over the last few days and how I feel about it. Especially as I read about how everyone feels about the year in general. And I'm just plain old undecided. 2010 wasn't a great year but it wasn't a horrible year. It was just...a year. We had some really great moments. Some really not so great moments. I keep asking myself if I had to do it all over again would I? And I think I would. Which has to mean something. It really can't have been that bad after all.

What did we spend our time doing in 2010?

Let me fill you in.

January... I struggled with being back to work while my sister was on maternity leave. Preston struggled with being the big cousin and having to share every one's attention. We messed around with the idea of potty training. Preston took swim lessons and loved them. He also loved his juice, a little too much in fact. Jen told us she was pregnant!

February...Grandpa and Grandma stopped by to drop off candy and somehow ended up leaving with Preston! Preston continued swimming lessons and went under water for the first time ever! I realized I was most definitely not ready for another baby. Preston went roller skating for the first time and kind of liked it. Preston counted to fourteen! Mine and Brad's closet became the Spooky Room. My Mom, sisters, and I went on a girl's trip to Seattle and Preston and Mason tagged along too!

March... Preston learned how to escape from our backyard to our neighbors. We put the monkey bars in the backyard to work! Preston pooped in the potty and I was SO excited! We celebrated St Patrick's Day! We took a trip to Coulee City to visit Brad's little sister and Grandparents. Preston took a trip to the dentist! We visited a petting zoo and Preston rode a horse!

April... Even though he didn't want to Preston sat on the Easter Bunny's lap. We celebrated Easter. I lost my camera and almost lost my mind. Preston used our carpet as toilet paper. Brad and Preston mowed our lawn, it was very adorable. I actually started working out! I took Preston to Build A Bear. Preston and Mason participated in a cousin photo shoot. Preston looked too cute not to take pictures of. We visited my Grandma's new property.

May... We went camping for the first time, well we slept in a cabin but still it didn't have a bathroom! Mother's Day happened. Preston and Gigi planted some flowers. I took more pictures of Preston and Mason. We spent Memorial Weekend in Coulee City with Brad's little sister and family. Which means me and Preston both attended our first ever rodeo!

June... Preston went into the bathroom at Chuck E Cheese and peed in the potty all by himself! We created a ridiculously long to do list for the summer. We celebrated Father's Day. I turned another year older. We moved the big screen upstairs. We got serious about re-doing the backyard, err my MIL got serious about re-doing the backyard! I went and saw Eclipse at midnight!

July... The Fourth of July came and went! We took a couple of vacations! Actually we spent the second half of July on vacation first to California, then to the Oregon Coast! Preston turned THREE while we were in California! We left California and headed to the Oregon Coast and met Brad there. Preston wondered about how happy I was, and later revealed he wondered because he'd peed on the floor. We finally headed home.

August... We celebrated Preston THIRD birthday with a big party! I threw a baby shower for Jen and Madison! We had family pictures and Preston's three year photos taken. Preston went bowling for the first time. Brad got laid off, that was fun. We also headed out on another trip to Seattle to visit Jen!

September... Preston is potty trained! I suffered through the fact that Preston is three. Me and Brad took Preston to see Despicable Me in theatres and he actually sat through it! Preston had his three year check up and weighed 34.5 pounds and was 40.5 inches tall. The fair came to town and Preston loved the bungee cord trampoline. We left again to go to Seattle again to meet Madison!

October... My little sister went to her first Homecoming! Me and Preston picked some pumpkins out with Jessie and Mason. I drank way too much at a college football game. Preston started swim lessons again and didn't love them so much this time, possibly because I wasn't participating. The three of us headed to Coulee City to see Brad's sisters and Madison! We carved pumpkins and Spook'd our neighbors! My little Spider-Man enjoyed celebrating Halloween and Trick or Treating!

November... Preston struggled though swimming lessons and finally started to enjoy them. We went to the park with some friends and I took some Fall pictures of Preston playing. We celebrated two Thanksgivings! Brad turned 27! We got a lot of snow.

December... We hunted down our Christmas tree. And didn't decorate it for a couple of weeks. Preston paid another visit to the dentist and we went bowling again, this time with friends. I took a lot of pictures of Preston and Mason. And some of the boys and my Dad too. Santa came to visit us at my parent's house. And Preston actually liked him! My sister's came over and decorated Christmas cookies. Christmas Eve and all the fun that comes with it came and went. Obviously followed by Christmas...Preston was so excited about Christmas this year. Mason turned ONE! Me and Brad finished the year off by celebrating two years of marriage with dinner and a movie, while Preston went to dinner and a movie with Grandpa and Grandma!

And that was 2010.