Thursday, November 11, 2010

Update On Our To Do List

Remember that to do list from the beginning of the summer?

We did in fact work our way through parts of it. I know, I'm shocked too. In between a trip to California to visit family, a vacation to the coast with family, two trips to Seattle, two birthday parties for Preston, a baby shower for Jen, and a trip to Coulee City to visit family we actually accomplished parts of our to do list. Amazing isn't it?

And yes I did say parts of our to do list. What do you think we are crazy, that was a long list!

Here's the updated version...

What we finished -
-Replace fixtures in downstairs bathroom. (Towel bars, toilet paper holder, robe hook, etc.)
-Paint downstairs bathroom.
-Paint living room. We've actually only accomplished half of this. I'm waiting to do the second half next week. But what he have painted so far is pure love.
-Finish painting the living room.
-Replace the floor and trim in the entryway.
-Paint the playroom.
-Order and have new carpet installed in the playroom.
-Move the playroom upstairs into our gigantic master bedroom.
-Move our bedroom into our slightly larger than the average bedroom playroom. (I'll explain more on this later, I swear we do have reasons for doing this.)
-Empty out, clean, and refill the pool.
-Till the backyard all up.
-Put in a sprinkler system in the front and backyard.
-Set up a mow line/flower beds in our backyard.
-Create a sectioned off play area for Preston's swing sets in the backyard.
-Lay sod in the backyard.

Now here's what we still have to accomplish this summer. Ready? Deep breath, here we go.
-Replace the trim in the entry way.
-Replace the trim in the living room.
-Find tile for the kitchen and put it up.
-Replace the trim in the playroom.
-Replace Preston's bedroom window.

Not bad right? Now if only we could get around to that trim. It's both mine and Brad's least favorite part of all of our projects. Eventually we'll do it as it drives me crazy not to have it up too!

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