Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving #1 2010

My family all got together at my Grandpa's house this year for Thanksgiving. And I do mean all of us. There were 31 of us total. It was a packed house. Except that it really wasn't, since my Grandpa luckily has the space for all of us.

Check out all the coats and crap we all was insane.

Or even better look at the seating arrangement. Mona set up FOUR tables in her formal dining/living room so that we could all sit together in the same room. It was impressive. I only have a photo with three of the tables. But she not only got us all in the same room, she even made it look nice. BIG props to Mona!

I LOVE our family get togethers! LOVE them. There are so many of us and I fully enjoy getting to bounce from person to person. I'm sure it fully helps that I absolutely love my family. We were there for more than seven hours and I still wasn't sick of anyone. Not a single one. They are that awesome.

My Aunt Kristin informed us of our mission for the day not long after we got there, "Operation Bidet Today". You see my Grandpa and Mona had recently updated their master bathroom and you guess it they added a bidet. We were all so excited to see it and test it out. But it was all on the down low. The plan was to use the bidet and then sign the "Operation Bidet Today" sheet. The goal being that everyone would get a chance at some point in the day to use the bidet.

It was hilarious! Absolutely hysterical. I went up with my sisters and my cousin and we all took turns having a go at it. Obviously we had fun with it. Some of our reactions included...

And of course we then took a photo in the bathroom.

I have to tell you it was kind of awesome. Once you got past the initial WHOA of it. It had different settings for front or back, male or female, oscillating or pulsating (I'm not even going to tell you how much that option made us laugh), and even a dry setting where it essentially blew you dry. The toilet seat was even heated. I'm thinking we need one and I know just the plumber to hook us up!

I didn't get many pictures of Preston. He was busy playing with all of our cousins. He headed downstairs not long after we got there and only poked his head up a couple of times before dinner. It was kind of awesome that he is now big enough to play downstairs with the kids at family events. Every time I went downstairs he was too busy to talk to me. I walked down as they were beginning a game of hide and seek and he raced past me to hide and when I followed him to say hi he informed me, "I playing hide and see Mama!".

At dinner time we all gathered to pray and say thanks for the chaos that getting our entire family together brings and for the food and the family and the troops that make it all possible. And then we all dug in.

After dinner the men cleaned up while the women relaxed. A wonderful tradition that my Grandpa enforces. Preston had some fun drinking out of a big boy wine glass and playing "cheers" with my Aunt Sheli. It was adorable.

We celebrated some birthdays. Mason loved his new football. We enjoyed some cake. Some more than others. Marrissa and Maycie took it upon themselves to try to take over me and my cousin, Colten's, tradition of a cake fight.

Colten did in fact prove that nobody does it like we do. As I was sitting on the couch at the end of the night minding my own business chatting with my Dad and Brad, Colten came up behind me and caught me completely unaware and smashed cake into my entire face. It was amazing, I will give him that. I attempted to get even but we got in trouble for making a mess and I admitted defeat. Until next time that is. Next time he's mine!

At the end of the night we said our good-byes gave out a million hugs and headed home. I had an early morning and some serious Black Friday shopping with my sisters ahead of me!


Yankee Girl said...

That sounds like a great Thanksgiving! I love the bidet photos! It must have been so much fun.

Courtney said...

Who has cake on Thanksgiving? Crazy crazy. :)