Monday, November 8, 2010


Our neighborhood started something new this year for Halloween.

We were Spook'd.

I'd read about it on other blogs and thought how fun it would be to do, but never considered starting it myself. Apparently my neighbor did. At least I'm pretty sure that's who started it. He's big on Halloween and has a little boy too. Plus I'm pretty sure I saw his son run across our lawn after we'd been Spook'd.

What does it mean to be Spook'd? Let me enlighten you. Before Halloween someone rang our doorbell and left us a bucket of candy and some little toys on our doorstep. At first when I saw the little boy running across our yard, I thought we'd been DingDong Ditched! When Preston ran down to get the door I figured no one would be there, but then he opened it and we looked down and there was our Spook bucket. Preston was beyond excited! Seriously, so excited that an hour later he went back to the door and opened it telling me he was just checking to see if anything was there. After we get Spook'd it is our turn to Spook two of our neighbors.

We got Aunt Shannon to come over and help us out with that. We made two baskets and picked who we were going to Spook. And then we got down to business. Aunt Shannon and Preston headed out to drop our baskets off, while I took pictures and tried not to die laughing. It was hilarious watching them try to hide before anybody came to the door.

Looks like a new tradition is starting in our neighborhood!

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Yankee Girl said...

That sounds like such a fun thing to do! I have never heard of that before but it's a great way to be thoughtful and have fun with your neighbors!