Monday, November 22, 2010

Just In Time

This weekend we finally bought Preston a winter coat and snow pants, Brad cleaned out the garage so that I could park my car in it, picked up all the outside toys and moved them under the deck and covered the battery powered ones (mainly Preston's new truck), pulled the cushions off the deck chairs and moved them under the deck too, and FINALLY started feeling better.

And just in time too, because this morning we woke up to a winter nightmare wonderland.

Although poor Preston didn't get to play in it because I haven't gotten him snow boots yet!

I know, bad Mommy! We looked today but at the three places I went to they were either out of stock or in the price range of $50! Which is not happening for something that he'll wear for three months and only to go outside and play in!

Tomorrow we find snow boots and then I'll suck up all the hatred I feel for snow and take Preston out to play in it.

I swear.


Courtney said...

I hear ya on the snow boots, I havent been able to find an affordable pair either. Zeke played in the snow in rain boots.

Even at payless they are 45!!

Yankee Girl said...

Winter IS a nightmare!